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Monday, April 24, 2006
We play well with each other...
Friday night T and I went out to thitwbar for a few drinks. We got a pretty late start and we were surprised when I got a text message from John inviting us over to a party down the road. I was hoping that I would get to see him, but I hadn't been banking on it. We quickly made our way over to the party to find the cutest, drunkest boy, that was John if you didn't know...

T and I needed drinks and we were foolish enough to leave it to one very drunken Johnny. Within minutes I was drunk...probably because I had an enormous glass of gin with a splash of soda...and I was washing that down with a glass of champagne. Lots of things went down within the short period that I was awake. Roommate 2 was there because it was his brother's party, Roommate 2 was in full belligerant effect. Somehow he started a fight with someone and John ended up holding him down on the floor...I don't know what the heck I was trying to do, maybe soothe him with my calm voice? Well whatever I was trying to do, I was in the way because Roommate 2 tried to pull out of John's grasp and his arm flailed out and backhanded me. It was definitely an accident, but there was a moment there where John was seeing red and crushing Roommate 2's windpipe, somehow we all ended up covered in tomato pie too, (that John and I were peeling off each other the next day)... and the next thing I knew...John and I were cuddled in shivering heap, on a couch in an open air garage and it was morning. Who knew?

We packed Roommate 2 in the car...still drunk and wearing a shirt that had no buttons because he had hulk-a-sized it the night before and we dropped him off at his parents' house. John and I continued back to my house, curled up on the couch and watched a movie and slept. We missed the Strokes concert because we both conked out for several hours and when we woke up we would've had to rush to get to AC. Neither of us were feeling it, and as long as he wasn't taking any waitresses to my concert, I was fine with not going. We rallied enough "strength" to sit up, eat leftover pizza and watch Better Off Dead. Have you seen that movie lately? Seriously, I've always loved it, but after the other day I realize what a truly awesome movie it is. Plus it gave us a few more lines to add to our constant movie quote repetoire.

After a few beers at home, and being sick of the leftover pizza we decided to head over to thitwbar...hoping to find some clams. Chelle met us out, trooper that she is, but I think she had a difficult time following our conversations (or actually, maybe we weren't even holding them?) as Johnny and I were well on our way to Drunksville...A nice little highlight of the evening was when I "won" baseball tickets for a Phillies game. I thought I really won them but John informed me the next day that I was basically just given them, under the guise of a fair raffle. Now that makes running around screaming about how lucky I am a tad bit embarassing...oh well. Not too long after winning the tickets, John packed me in the car and took me home where our drunk asses tried to watch internet porn.

Picture this: John and Melina, laying on the floor in front of M's back door trying to pirate a bit of wireless signal from the neighbors in the hopes of watching porn on a high speed connection (um because, I'm one of three people on Earth who still has dial up...and dial up is no way to watch porn my friends)...we're very classy. Let's just say, that plan didn't work out all that well...but in a way it did, because my pants got removed from me and my two week sex drought was over (hooray!!), and in pretty damn superb way right there on the floor. Who says you have to watch porn, when you can just as easily make your own?

We woke up the next morning and I was reminded how much I like kissing and touching that man, he surely does get me going. He left me a very satisfied girl and then sent me off to the showers so that we could get ready for the baseball game. Amazingly, we both kicked it up a notch and we were on the road in no time flat...stopping only to pick up the laptop that was laying by the door and clothes that were strewn around the room.

Our tickets were awesome! We were right off third base, six rows back. At the game I truly appreciated how nice it was to spend the weekend with John. Usually when we hang out, we're never alone, we're usually with the whole "posse"....but this weekend we spent most of the weekend alone. We stayed the whole game, and then decided to head back to the 'burbs and get some food that we definitely needed. Unlike John and the dog, who had the final pieces of the leftover pizza, I was starved to death. I hate when I forget to eat and John's billion dollar ballpark hotdog was a little too loaded for my likings :)

We came back to my house and then headed over to the FQB for some of the best food on Earth...finally, there...after a whole weekend of dreaming about clams, we finally got our hands on some. Unfortunately for John, those clams kept him awake all night. We also stayed out a little too late last night, when I finished my beer another one appeared in its place and I was annoyed. We were planning on coming home and cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie and then he was going to make the trek back to the city late night so he wouldn't have to make the early commute. But, we came home and just went straight to bed. Well, I tried to take advantage of John one last time, but neither of us really had the energy to do any justice to what we were trying to accomplish. Poor kid, I was trying to jump him all weekend, he had to be exhausted. I fell asleep right away but poor Johnny was stuck wide awake for hours. I woke up at 5am and talked with him, he drifted in and out of sleep but he just seemed so miserable and tired, I felt for him...especially since I made him stay with me one more night. Poor guy, I give him the sad eyes any time he suggests leaving...I'm mostly kidding, but I do hate to see him leave me, but even I know the suckiness of the bleary eyed morning commute. At 5:30, he dragged his weary body out of my bed and headed home hoping to avoid the traffic into the city. As soon as he left it started pouring and I continued to feel worse and worse about him having to drive's times like these I wish we lived closer to each other.

And that was our weekend in a nutshell...I got to spend my weekend with one of my favorite people and the only time I didn't have a smile on my face was when I was sleeping.
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