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Friday, April 21, 2006
The single most random thing you'll read today...
So here I am...out of work on a half day...all ready to head up to the tattoo shop, but I don't think I should be driving yet. Here's why...

I was reluctant to go out last night but around 7, I changed my mind and thought, "I need to get out since I haven't been out all week." So out I went. And oh boy did I, I vaguely remember 8 or 10 shots of Jameson being poured down my throat at one point. Who was doing the pouring? Me. And what praytell had I eaten all day? Let me give you the long menu...a salad from Wawa and steamed clams...yep, that's a recipe for drunkeness. Add about 8 pitchers of beer and you have one drunken girl.

Chelle and Rob picked me up and we went to thitwbar. Alone, that bar is just fine...nothing special, but fine nonetheless...but last night? The second night of Thursday karaoke! Wow. That's all I can say, wow. You can never underestimate townie performers. Seriously, just think of those first few weeks of American Idol and there you have it. It was pretty much the most hilarious thing when this one girl (who sang just under 54 songs last night), sang Kelis's "Milkshake" yeah, we were all making fun of it so T, a couple of other girls and I decided to writhe, dance, grab our boobs, run our hands through our hair and basically anything else sexual you can think of at our barstools to the music...we actually got way more cheers than the singing...I believe in France we'd be considered classy. Or not. But anyways, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...damn right it's better than yours..." It just had to be said. PS. Who calls blowjobs milkshakes, anyways?

A little ego booster (and I can use all that I can get) was when Steve the bartender said, "M, you look beautiful tonight. I like your hair all curly." To which I could only reply, "Well I'm glad you like it curly because my hairdryer broke and I don't know when I'm going to get my ass down to Target." He replies, "No seriously, it's pretty sexy, looks like you just got laid or something...I mean...I have a wife and kids and all, but you look hot. That John, man...he's a lucky guy." (i've yet to inform Steve, it just never seems like the right time to interject, "he broke up with me!"he always walks away too soon and then I feel like I'm chasing after him to tell him) He walks away muttering "sex hair..." or something to that effect. I just turned to T and said, "Who knew? I feel like I look like a slob and lord knows I'm not getting laid." She replied, "Well, you look darn cute for not doing anything." And me being the attention seeking whore I am, I said, "Wait, did Steve say I looked beautiful? Aww, I haven't been called beautiful since my dad...that totally rocks!" I'm guessing letting my hair air dry is the way to go, screw that hair dryer. Seriously, that nice man used the word beautiful and that melts my heart. So much better than the trademarked, "cute".

Another random fact. It's always weird when an 18 year old hangs out with an aquaintance of yours and then comes and tells you about it. I'm all creeped out. Children shouldn't be running in my circle of friends...ever. Never ever. Especially since we're all a bunch of messes.

I had a dream about kissing last night. I feel like I haven't been kissed in ages. The whole dream was about me getting kissed, I felt like I was in some foreign film...people were paying to kiss me. Call me Belle de Jour, just minus the "whip me in the forest" fantasy she had.

Hopefully, I'll be inspired to write a real post later...but it's just not happening right now, these are the things I'm thinking about, without telling you what I'm really thinking about... go on call me a tease, I like that. I like it ...a lot.
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