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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Look What I Can Do!!!

This here my friends is Jamey, the newest edition to my family (yep, he looks like a generic newborn but he's damn cute...except for Monday night when he wouldn't sleep from 1am-6 am and then Tommy got up for the day and I wanted to kill myself).
I will blame him for my complete lack of posting for this year as well as all of my funny disappearing...although, I'm confident that I'm actually pretty hilarious these days or I'm suffering from complete delirium due to the fact that I only sleep when both of the kids sleep, and when they sleep?? I want to party!!! And by party, I mean drink a beer and catch up on TV that I've missed...

except for Friday. Friday, John and I went out to thithwbar and to the firehouse and it was like old times. I pretended that I wasn't actually a mother of two with tons of responsibilities--which might explain why I woke up the next morning naked cuddling with a cheese curl (?), a headache of epic proportions, my iPhone in the (empty) bathtub (although it was clear that at some point I was trying to play Words With Friends drunkenly), and having Chelle come over the next evening to drop off my wallet because I had left it at the bar. Oh it was glorious...I miss being a drunk...because I am one amazing sloppy mess unlike anyone else you will ever meet. But my drunken days must come in moderation (ah irony, you bitch) and I'm back to wiping asses and tears, playing dinosaur with Tommy and trying to save Jamey from his older brother.

Next Saturday reunites me with Chelle and T for T's bachelorette party, it should be very interesting.

Oh and if you're a fan from way back when, I feel it's necessary to inform you that Derek (the reason this blog was created) is back in town,back to working at thitwbar AND living in my neighborhood with his parents temporarily. Being incredibly happy with John (I'm not just saying that because he reads this...John really is awesome, the father of my children, my soulmate and the one person who can make me laugh hysterically when I'm down), it's just a fun fact that has very little bearing on my current life.

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