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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Miss Me?
I kinda miss me too...
Seriously, this mom stuff? Fun, but tiring...very, very tiring. I went back to work last week. It was the worst week of my life--every day leaving my little bunny at 6:30 am and then not seeing him again (aside from everywhere in my classroom where I have his picture plastered) until after 3 killed me. It's been easier this week but less fun, I have to train myself to have fun at work again--it sucks, I used to love it so much. It cheers me up to know I wouldn't want to do anything else but the workload is for the birds.

I miss chatting with all of you. I miss writing funny stuff. I feel like nothing funny happens to me anymore--aside from Tommy peeing on me twice, no three times in a row! But that's not really, really, funny. It was very reminiscent of a wet t-shirt contest that I was in before though...just a little warmer.

I'll be back when I can pull it all together. I feel like I have only two moods right now--grumpy and happy--sometimes I switch between the two in the blink of an eye. It's scary for the dog and John but they deal with it well. Right now I would write depressing posts on how much I hate my body, hate leaving my baby, hate doing laundry constantly or trying to find the nipple for the nighttime feeds--but on the other hand I love my baby, husband and dog very much--so much I want to snuggle them all, all the time. Be back when I feel a little more myself and a little less blue. Hopefully, you all (all four of you) still check in.

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