This is blog of a woman who didn't know what she wanted and so chased after dreams and men in search of the answers...drunken hilarity ensued. Then one day she met a man who was everything she wanted, but he wasn't so sure. Then she did the unthinkable; after they broke up she gave him this blog address and she let him into her mind as well as her heart. Unbelievably, even after sorting through the sordid archives of failed relationships, one night stands and her lusty (and embarassing) pursuit to secure the heart of a certain young line cook, John somehow managed to fall in love with her too. Melina and John were married a little over six months after they started dating, running away to Las Vegas to seal the deal. You can imagine what the over/under bet was to see if they'd even make it a year!! Over a year later and they are still going strong...this blog has become their story. Need to tell me something? Email me at Melinalovesjohnny at gmail dot com
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Thursday, April 29, 2010
I'm sleeping on the couch
For the first time in almost four years of marriage, John slept on the couch out of anger. The funny part of this story?? He wasn't mad at me, he was mad at the dog. (For the record, it wasn't my dog who is a saint, it was my mom's dog who's staying with us for a couple of weeks!).

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Saturday, April 17, 2010
The tiniest things speak volumes
My friends and I are going to Kleinfeld's in NYC in a few scant minutes. My friend Ml is getting married!!! We all love Say Yes to the Dress so we decided that she had to make an appointment there--even if the dresses are out of her price range.

John stayed up late last night, getting into bed around 3. I woke up and groggily and asked him what the hell he had been doing...

What he had been doing was making me a 2 1/2 hour mix cd. A CD that I just previewed on a little jaunt to Wawa and it made me cry a little. It was the best CD ever--songs I love, songs I know and songs that he thinks that I'll like. What made me cry was the fact that no one has made me a mix tape since about 7th grade and even then, it was more about showing off musical taste than making something just for me.

And that's all, I just wanted to tell you that I love my CD and I love my husband.