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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
An uninspired post...
People only call you when they want something from you...if that's a new concept for you, I'm sorry...the world isn't always the sweetest thing.

Last night, my roommate from college called me. The last time I've seen or talked to her was a month ago at our mutual friend's bridal shower. Before that? It was five years ago on her wedding day...ok, maybe we talked a little after that, but when she started hanging out at church all the time (not that there's anything wrong with that) and popping out babies, I saw the things we had in common slowly slipping away...boys, booze, music that has curse words in it (um yeah, I'm not kidding about that one), well I saw those things slipping away and I didn't bother to find common ground...I just let it go.

So what did we have in common last night? Macbeth. That's right, my brain was picked for about an hour concerning the symbolism of water and blood in Macbeth. I was required to try and remember from memory, (since my many copies of the novel were all at work) which acts and scenes would supply her neice with the most blood/water rich quotes. And so yeah, I did all that and when I was done (and by done, I mean my brain fell's tough doing it all from memory and the person on the other line is transcribing everything that you say word for word), she just said, "Thanks" and then basically hung up the phone. There was very little small talk. Ok, whatever, I'm not too versed in what to talk about either when there are two kids screaming their heads off in the background but it definitely got me thinking to how things have changed so monumentally between us.

I got off the phone and laughed though...this was the girl that would pimp me out in chugging contests to earn more beer money. This little girl (she's about 5'1") would go up to random football players and insult them until they'd pull out their cash to defend their honors...heaven forbid they be called pussies for being too scared to chug against me. And that's what we would do on Friday afternoons...instead of getting real jobs, Jackie would procure me fresh opponents, I'd beat them and then go off and puke in the alley in preparation for the next one...and somehow this never got old--I guess partially because it helped us score cash and I even scored a boyfriend out of the deal at the time...apparently, he wasn't intimidated by the fact that I beat him...but then again, an open throat is always enticing, no? But then again, this was the same man that used to put half a tube of toothpaste in his mouth and then shake it all up and tell me that he was a "mad dog with rabies" as he was spitting toothpaste all over me and the bed. You should try this with the person you's actually pretty long as they don't mind an eyeful of minty fresh flouride!
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