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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Since 2003 I've owned my own home and lived alone...and loved it. I know there are lots of people out there who don't like to be alone but I am not one of those people. It is a true testament to the fact that I love John that we've been able to co-habitate for almost a year now. I just wasn't hardwired for roommates...I like space. I like quiet. I like things my way. Basically, I'm just a bitch. That being said, I have a roommate for about three weeks. John's brother moved in with us temporarily and will be moving out at the first of the month. He's actually the best roommate I've ever had...he cooks, he cleans, he shares his spare cigarettes and he has a pretty kick ass dog. However, his timing could be better...

I came home from work yesterday and things started out great with a fun afternoon romp with John--this is something that never happens on a weekday because John doesn't get home from work until 6:45 usually Since he's on a mini-vacation, he was ready willing and able. Just as we had moved our sweaty bodies to the floor for Round Two (Ding,ding,ding), we heard from downstairs, "Hey guys...(pause. no answer from us) Guys? How do you set up the wireless signal to my computer?" It was John's brother ER. Damned, if John didn't open the door and yell down to him, trying to give essential instructions. Then, after looking at me said quickly (I think this was when he saw the demon fire in my eyes flickering), "I'll be down in a little." With that, my sweet brother in law realized what exactly was going on and scampered off to Kohl's to look at ties (keep your fingers crossed!! He went to a job fair specifically for military and former military peeps) for a little while.

While ER's timing could be better, John's idea of what's appropriate to share with my new family members also could be fact, I pretty much wanted to punch him in the face. However, I don't need spousal abuse on my record and because he was three sheets to the wind, (remember, the boy's on vacation...he got liquored up as if someone was serving him drinks out a coconut) I forgave him.

We went out for Pint Night (if you get the beer that's on special, you get to keep your pint glass every time--it's a bit of a crap shoot...I don't need any NASCAR BudRacing pint glasses) with ER and his girlfriend. We got on the subject of Ocean City, MD and ER said something like, "It's like a mini Vegas...what happens in OCMD stays in OCMD!" and I nodded sagely having lived there for a summer and said glibly, "Like uh going down there to work for a summer when you first turn 21 and sleep with your 33 old boss?"(which I did). Now I left out part of the story but this story alone made ER's eyes bug out a little. However, it was nothing compared to the way his eyes bugged when John threw out fairly nonchalantly, "...and had a threesome with one of his friends." This is the point where I thought ER was going to have a heart attack but instead he said, "What?!?" with incredulity and I gave John a glare, he simply crossed his arms and said, "What? You did!" Oh jeez. Grasshopper has much to learn. Let's hope ER drank as much as John did last night and I don't have to sit and draw diagrams later...which I know I don't since Mr. ER travelled the world as a GI and I know for a fact is a wee bit (read: a lot) more worldly than I'll ever be!

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