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Thursday, May 10, 2007
excuses, excuses...
Reasons why I'm slacking with my blogging:

This takes up my life!!! I'm trying so hard to compete against John and build a massive portfolio, the only problem? He works in finance and is already a million dollars beyond me. But, he sends me emails with tips and he tells me that my greatest strength is, I still love him.

Snuggling with John on the couch watching Arrested Development Season 3 with dread, knowing that the best show on television (aside from Veronica Mars) was ripped away from us and we're stuck watching the DVDs.

Hanging out on the deck, grilling food, drinking wine and enjoying the awesome Pennsylvanian Spring we're having here.

Work! It's winding down and yet my stress level is winding up...sigh, I need sleep.

Baby showers, bridal showers, bridal showers, bridal showers...they are piling up and my wallet is crumbling away (even though I don't even own a wallet).

Wanting really badly to read this book but I still haven't found the time to buy it...but I spend a lot of time thinking how much I want to read it.

I will have lots of exciting things to write about...soon...I hope.

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