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Friday, May 11, 2007
Never in my wildest dreams
When I was little I used to dream up these different scenarios where I would end up pregnant. I have no idea why I was preoccupied with pregnancy, but I was--at the age of seven. I always saw it going one of two ways. The first way was that I was going to accidentally get pregnant and that I'd be this super hawt (slightly slutty?) teen mom. The guy that would get me pregnant would be devastating handsome, a little older and be a little dangerous. Hey, I'm shaking my head too...I don't know what was going on in my seven year old fantasy world. Obviously, I watched too many movies.

The other way would be that someone would be so in love with me that I just had to have his baby. The guy, still devastatingly handsome would be a little more preppy. He would wrap his arms around me and say," M, I want you to be my wife and the mother of my children. You are just so amazing." I totally think I saw this play out on Lifetime once, which is bullshit since it was my fantasy first! (Although, I think I should be embarassed to admit that...)

Never in any of my fantasies did I ever think that this scenario would ever be played out.

John: So...are you still up for having a baby?
Me: Um...I think so...but I don't think you're ready.
John: I'm ready if you're ready.
Me: I guess I'm ready...just get rid of the booze in the house in case I change my mind! (totally a joke)
And then he said this...
John: That's it! I'm totally going to cream pie you every time that we have sex from now on!
Me: *raised eyebrows and a face that screamed "ew!" without saying a word*

He said this with pride and with a grin that could blind a girl.

So...I may get knocked up soon...unless we change our minds, and then I guess he won't be "cream pie-ing me" Wow. such a firm grasp on gross, yet concrete imagery. Perhaps I've shared too much? I can't imagine not sharing this gem.

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