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Monday, June 05, 2006
True Romance...
Well you had questions about the "mushy details" and I've got answers...kinda.

So here's the deal: There we were, sitting together and talking when we decided that we wanted to get married to each other--and from there, the ball got rolling. He's having my ring made as we speak (can you even guess how excited I am??). I got him a little tipsy and I pried information out of him about I know about it, but I've never seen it. We've been kicking around ideas about weddings and we've abandoned the idea of a traditional wedding because hey, we're not all that traditional!!!

So guess what we're doing? I'll give you a hint, "Viva las Vegas!" Yep, we're going to Vegas. When? I bet that's the next question on your mind and this might blow your minds but I think it's wonderful--this July. So at the end of July, I'm going to have a husband and a brand new last name. But those of you who believe that every girl should have the "wedding day experience" don't fret--we're still planning on having a reception here at home with all our friends and family.

When the ring comes, I'll take lots of pictures of it...I'm so enamoured with the fact that he had it made for me--it feels that much more special. When I pick out my dress, which I've narrowed to two different ones, I just need to see which looks best on my short little bod, I'll post those too (although, we'll tell John to take some time off from reading).

And yes, I know, I know..."it's all so quick!" (seems to be a popular phrase I've been hearing--although not from my mom, who said, "When you know, you know...") but I've known since our first date that I could marry him. I know two months into the deal that I wanted to marry him (but carefully cloaked that thought...hey, that would probably scare any man), and now I know that I don't want to wait another minute with formalities, I want to start my life with him now!

Tomorrow...I'll tell you about living arrangements, the cleanup project, etc.
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