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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
The road to here...(a whole lotta love and thanks)
The road to get here was random and wonderful (at times, not so wonderful) and I thought it best to thank the people responsible.

I have to thank T for going out with me on Thanksgiving Eve and suggesting that for ONCE we actually get our asses out of The Cornfield and go (to that very far away town) 5 miles away, so that I could meet Johnny at Random Bar I've Never Been To (well that wasn't the plan, but it turned out that way). Of course, all I said was "Hi" (maybe I mumbled a few other things) and then I took a picture of him and T...funny though, we have no idea where that picture is. I think I also tripped over Roommate 1's can on my way to the um, thanks Roommate 1, just for that...

Then I have to thank Chelle for getting us "stranded" at Ronnie and JB's house, by letting T, John and Tony leave without us...we thought the party was still going on...but when we turned around, everyone was passing out (I guess I should also thank that gross black rum that the boys were puking over the side of the deck). I thank Chelle because if it wasn't for her, and the fridgid weather, Johnny would've never been back to pick us up and whisk me off for about 12 hours of mayhem over at Tony's house. He would've never gotten to witness my drunken ramblings that are ever so cute (um, not so much...but I held it together pretty well that night).

I have to thank T for that night as well, because if it weren't for her...John wouldn't have had my number in his phone--which he left in there...hmm...

I have to thank Tony for telling John as he walked out the door to pick me up, "Don't you fuck her John..." I think Tony intrigued him...what kind of train wreck was he picking up?? (for the record...he didn't touch me everyone).

I have to thank the holidays...because then John wouldn't have had a reason to text message me, and I wouldn't have had a reason to text back.

I have to thank Myspace surveys for giving me a reason to email him...because it WAS imperative that I find out specific details from his survey (ahhh, I'm a dork). Oh yeah, trying to reel him in baby...reel him in...

I have to thank my quick mind for lying when he called me to ask me out and I said that coincidentally, I was going to be in Philly one random Tuesday on the 3rd of yeah, have I said how much I leave this town? Not that often...lied through my teeth.

I'll thank Jameson and High Life for breaking the ice on another (later) very important date*wink wink*. The combo really got my pants off with no worries...

I'll thank everyone for dealing with the drama that ensued after a while...I should thank Nick from the FQB for filling my glass full of whiskey on Sundays when my heart was hurting. I thank Tara,Chelle and E for all listening to me and just letting me babble without telling me what to do...although, I'm sure there were times when you wanted to tell me what to do, and John where to go :) You guys are the best!

I guess I even thank all the crazy situations that we dealt with (I mean, I'm sure I could've done without them), but now I know how much better things can be. I know what kind of man John can be when he allows his heart to be in it. Incidentally, I have to thank all the commenting bloggers too...I think some of your comments made him really examine what he was doing...doing to me, to himself and to us. I thank myself for being brave enough to give him access to my was a huge decision and it could've been a very bad thing, but to be honest? I think it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. He got to read the good, bad, overly dramatic (at times) me...but at least I was always truthful, even if some of my self analysis was a little far fetched :)

And now I'll thank John for making me the happiest girl alive. Everyday you do or say something so small, so incidental and it blows my mind that a) you are so sweet/kind/and working on patient and b) you know me so well. I can't wait to marry you. I can't wait to share my life with you and create an even better one than any I've ever imagined.

You have my heart and you are my heart.
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