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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Tried and failed...
Oooh bet that title scared ya, didn't it? Bet you thought John and I had a nice big ol' crash and burn fight...nope, it's not that kind of post. What I tried and failed to do was to try not gush about John on the blog 'cuz I didn't want to be the girl that sits in the Cornfield pining away for a man that she just saw Monday night (albeit it was only for 20 mins). Hence the reason there was no post yesterday, because I was just pouty.

All night last night, I sat around moping around the house...getting as much work done for school as possible so that if there was a possibility that we were going to get to spend some (more) time together this week, I wouldn't be worrying about anything else. I kept picking up my phone, thinking to text him and tell him how much I miss him already--but was I ridiculous? Would he think that I'm just clingy? So, I put my phone down and continued to plow through my necessary papers.

Then I was done...what to do? T is still a little under the weather and by the time I finished my stuff it was probably a good idea that I didn't try and go out...Chelle, is trying to save the mantra "it was probably a good idea that I didn't try and go out", so like a nerd, I went to bed early.

But what to my wondering eyes should I see when I woke up at the ungodly hour that I roll out of my warm comfy bed? A text. I thought to myself, "A message from Johnny? Nah, probably a text from T, trying to organize a little quality time together." I open the phone and smile,
"One day and I already miss you?"
Oh John, I miss you too...probably more than you know.

Uggh, and I left my cell at home today and I feel like I forgot to bring my right arm...not that I really need it, since I'm left handed...I'm just saying....
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