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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Better and Better Looking...
The only possible reason this could be happening is because I must just keep getting better and better looking by the day...ha ha...only kidding. What's happening you ask? Well, I keep getting phone calls from ex boyfriends in the middle of the night, say around 2:18am when the bars are letting out. Hmm, whatever could they be calling for? I don't even have their phone numbers in my phone anymore! The only way that I know that it's them is from their long slurry messages. Notice I keep saying they and them? Well it's almost as if Mike (ex of several years ago) and Matty (although he and I were never actually together, I don't know how to write that one out) are working in tandem...but I'm not interested in what they're trying to sell me at all. I just ignore the calls, delete the numbers and go back to sleep--wishing it was John sending me a cute text or something late night, thinking about me or something girlie and wistful like that--because that's what I do.

And then there's the flowers...someone sent me lilies to my work yesterday afternoon, I actually got them this morning when I came in randomly on a Saturday. The card reads, "I really miss you." There's no signature and I'm not even intrigued at all--I know that they're not from John so I really could just care less. I just took the card out and threw it away, added water and put them in the break room for someone else to enjoy.

So I guess this is just a case of, "The grass is always greener..." for these boys and it's a case of the grass is just green enough right here, thank you very much-- for me. Flattering sure, but nothing more than that. I'm quite content.
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