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Monday, May 01, 2006
I never want to say goodbye to John or the weekend...
I hate it when he has to leave me.

Saturday night John came home from the beach (he was getting his beach place cleaned out and season ready! yea!!) and drove up to the Cornfield to hang out with friends and of course, to see me. T and I were all over the place--we went to a cancer benefit, then we hit the FQB and I was a little worried that I wasn't going to get to see John...but, as I was leaving the FQB, there he was. I gave him a smooch and told him that I was heading to thitwbar. I didn't want him to have to leave his friends or anything so I told him to catch up with me later.

Later turned out to be a little sooner than expected. About ten minutes after leaving him with a kiss in the street, he appeared at thitwbar. Apparently, while he was at the FQB he got a little talking to from our friend Tony's mom for not being my boyfriend...because she asked, "Aren't you still with M?" and in his little hem/haw way, "Well...yeah, sort of, but not really..." because of course, we aren't together, but we kinda are (Kim put it best, "commonlaw dating"). Whatever. It doesn't matter to me, as long as it keeps John from running away :) With my boy by my side, I was ready to do some serious drinking...and boy did we ever! Pitchers, and shots were quickly thrown down, music was played and somehow we hurtled towards 2am quicker than we thought. And you'd think we were done right? Wrong.

Roommate 2's brother built an incredible bar in his basement, they christened it last weekend and now that it's broken's open for business. We moseyed over for a little after hours action. I can't really claim to remember being there all that much, just little snippets...I remember sitting on the barstools, I remember sitting outside, smoking and freezing my little toes off and I remember some girl saying something rude about T to John, thinking that he was dating her. Luckily, I was in alcohol haze and I didn't get too bent out of shape because I would've never been allowed in that house again, had I punched that chick. And I would've punched her. At whatever hour, we headed back to T's house where John and I proceeded to pass out on the couch.

The next morning, John and I went home and he continued to keep me inebriated for the rest of the day like it was his job. He made us Mimosas, and when we ran out of supplies we packed ourselves in the car and went seeking more. At some point in there, we managed to sneak in a little mattress time, but John coaxed me into putting my clothes back on and head out to the grocery store for grilling supplies. I'm not quite sure how he was able to accomplish that, because if I had it my way, I would've kept him in that bed all day. But a girl's gotta eat too, I suppose.

Super sweet John also had to take my drunk ass to Blockbuster, and because I already had my limit of movies rented out, and he had to open an account for me. Knowing me, he eyed me up and said, "You will be returning this right?" and I had to swear on it, and pledge him my first born child...(uh, but that would be our first that doesn't work...but whatever). Well here's a lesson for you, drunk girls shouldn't be allowed to walk unsupervised--I almost was run over. John, was infuriated and followed the guy's car...not that he was planning on doing anything except maybe yell at the guy. Things got a little tense when the crazy guy jumped out of his car with a tire iron and started screaming at that point we decided to just go home and continue with our peaceful day and start grilling.

And boy did we grill! John made me chicken wings, we ate olives, shishkabobs and steaks--washing all of this down with Bloody Marys and beer. T and her ex boyfriend were hanging out so they decided to come over and sit on the deck with us. Obviously, T and the ex hadn't been drinking all day because T kept saying to me, "Gosh, you're like the drunkest person ever!" and I think quite frankly I was. John was plying me with different concoctions left and right. At one point I had three different beverages in front of me!

John may be the smartest person ever. At about 8:30 last night John said to me, "We should head up to bed and make it an early night, so that we're functioning tomorrow." We took Brokeback upstairs with us but it was a futile attempt, my eyes were closing while I was just sitting on the bed! Of course, I attempted to jump Johnny even though I was falling asleep, but I wasn't able to summon the needed energy to accomplish such a feat...within seconds we were both out. Randomly, we both woke up at 4am and started talking. Our time was running out and I was well aware of it. I whined to him, "I hate it when you leave me," being a good sport, he said to me, "I know you do. But we used all the time we had together well, right?" and I put out another little whiny voice, "Yeah but...I just hate it when you go" and I fell back asleep holding onto him, as if that could keep him there. And then, at 5:30 he had to get up and leave me for real, giving me a quick smooch and then heading out the door. And I hated it. A lot.

He's right, we do use our time together well, packing in as much as we can...(even when he's chastising me for thinking I still had propane when I didn't...hehe...that was the most ridiculous argument to date). When we're not together, I just sit and think about when I'm going to see him next, and what we're going to do. I miss him whenever we're not together, I just can't get bored of him. Not that I've tried to...

Ok, and now for a little insecurity. Rachel's coming home this weekend and they want to see each other and I'm petrified. It would be easier if John was my boyfriend, I'd feel safer somehow. But he's not, and that's part of the fear. I don't even want to think about it, because it makes my eyes well up and my hands shake as I type this...I'm definitely scared.
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