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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Best. Day. Off. Ever.
John had a rough day at work so he made the call..."That's it. We're taking the day off tomorrow and we're getting drunk." Now I'm not one to turn down an alcoholic beverage...or ten thousand of them...or the opportunity to jump Johnny's bones. I quickly put my stuff in order, made my appointments for the next day and ran off to get a pedicure...needed those feet in sexy painted fashion.

The drive was easy, parking less so...but it was all worth it when John opened door and handed me a glass of Jameson and an ice cold Miller Lite (because we're classy). We drank, talked and then left to set the town on fire meeting up with Roommate 1 and John's other friend Danger. John held my hand as I tottered along the city streets in monster heels...when will I learn? City streets+ M's shoes+alcohol+gravity= disaster.

We get to the bar and learn that yes, indeed, it was ON. And how. Whiskey was flowing like wine and we were drinking it like it was going out of style. Roommate 1 and Danger were parked at the corner of the bar, there were no seats and the oldest waitress (let's call her Crone) in the world kept smacking into us even though she had a good half a foot to get past us. She's lucky she didn't spill my whiskey because some old lady would've lost her teeth (I'm kidding, I swear).

We also learned that it was karaoke night and John took it upon himself to man up and do the singing, after debating between Susudio, Hip to be Square (someone obsessed with American Psycho much?) and Nothin' But a GThang...somehow I talked him into singing In Dreams, because his band used to cover it. He was heckled by Roommate 1 but he secured a place in his bed with me after that (as if there was a doubt?)...Danger and Roommate 1 ditched us with the be fair, Danger left us with forty dollars. John's ex-favorite bartender was very skimpy on the hookup, and we were still stuck with a $60 tab. It may be chump change for the rest of you, but that was John's "hard earned" tuition refund for quitting grad school...I was promised a Red Lobster dinner damnit!

Because gravity was working against me, as it often does...we had to take a taxi home. I'm assuming John did all the talking as I had lost the ability to form sentences. We got home and we got into a fight...I'm not sure what it was about, I think it was over Roommate 1 stiffing us with the tab but whatever it was it ended with a little drunken snuggling and all was well in the morning. We figure if we only fight when we're drunk and we don't know what it's about in the morning, we'll be a wonderful pair.

We woke up the next day and started it off right with a little romping. John said the sweetest thing ever to me when we were laying on the bed all sweaty. He said, "Sometimes I look at you and think that you're the most beautiful girl in the world." And I said, "Oh yeah? When?" THe sweetest boy ever said, "Like right now." Wow, give a boy an orgasm and he'll treat you like a princess. Actually, I think John told me that I was beautiful more in the past few days than anyone ever has in my entire life. The next time I see him, he gets a big smooch for that. We spent a large portion of our morning checking our Myspaces (ok, we're nerds), checking the blog to which we agreed that you guys don't like us unless we're fighting or having babies! We decided we're going to start making stuff up (only kidding, I would never do that). We laid on the floor listening to his old band's last recording, laughing, singing and kissing...I finally got him to burn it to CD for me, and then true to form, I left it behind this morning. What other hijinx did we get into? Hmm, well I made him try on his wetsuit for me and he looked so darn adorable I had to send him back to the bed for a little more action. Somehow time got away from us, we looked at the clock and couldn't believe that it was one o'clock! The next mission? Food.

See I have this little problem...sometimes I forget to eat. The last time I had eaten was 10:30am on Wednesday, so I think you can imagine how hungry I might be on Thursday at 1pm...I was starting to get tunnel vision. We stopped at a corner store and bought a Snickers bar to split and I devoured my half like it was going out of style...although, I looked over at John and his was gone instantaneously. The day was absolutely gorgeous, so we wandered the city looking for a nice restaurant where we could sit outside. Funny thing, we passed the restaurant where I created a scene a few weeks ago...and for some reason, neither of us wanted to eat there. Go figure...

We got a little food in us and descended into a food coma. The walk home helped a little bit as did the people watching/mocking. We passed this couple laying in the park making out and I was really tempted to one up them and just molest John right next to them because they were grossing me out, but John just firmly grabbed my arm and led me home (because I never know which direction I'm going). The food coma was really taking hold but Roommates 1 and 2 revived us with laughter. Let's see...we made fun of John's brow (when he furrows it, he kind of looks a little cavemanish...super hot caveman though), John claims that his gay porn name would be Buster Browneye and I jokingly put my foot down on John romping any more waitresses, strippers, women of color, ex-girlfriends and basically, that just leaves me. Oh and the boys and I came up with a possible reality show called "Date my Boyfriend" where John goes on dates with unsuspecting women and I freak out on them and blow up the whole situation...because that's what I do. And then after watching movies and drinking on the couch we decided to go out for a little. John and I made it an early night so that we could go home and curl up on the couch together.

If you ever want a man to be super sweet and say the absolute nicest things to you, get him a little drunk and watch Punch Drunk Love. I never saw the movie before, and I know a lot of people either love it or hate it...I loved it. It made me cry a few times. After the movie we dragged our bodies up the stairs and threw ourselves on the bed.

It truly was, the best day off ever and these past few times of getting to spend full days completely alone together have been so much fun. He keeps me entertained without trying and to steal a phrase from the Eagles (why? why?) "I got a peaceful easy feeling" and it appears I do the same for him. I just don't think I'll ever get bored of him. Leaving this morning at 5:45am I just wanted to quit my job, grab John and get on a plane and move to Tahiti or something. We need to win the lottery so that we can just lay around laughing together all day...oh and kissing, there has to be a lot of kissing.
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