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Thursday, May 04, 2006
I heart the city...I heart John and his roommates...
Last night I went down to the city...I got there early, which amazed me more than you can possibly believe since I drove about 30mph the whole way down! Anyways, I get there and John opens the door in a towel, obviously ready to hop in the shower. After a few smooches I was sent to the kitchen to drink a beer and listen to Tiger Army while he primped for me--and in walked Roommate 1 and Roommate 2.

We chatted while John's showering, and they eyed my dress wondering where we're going. I know, it's shocking, I wore a dress...I kind of felt it would be nice to show John that I'm a girl (aside from the obvious ways in which he knows) since he only sees me in jeans and long sleeve t-shirts. So I dressed up for him--pretty dress, low cut, high heeled sandals-- the whole deal. And from the few stolen moments in the kitchen when the roommates weren't in there, I feel like the dress was appreciated...I won't regale you with the dirty details, but trust me, I was quite happy that I wore a dress. So they ask me what we're doing, and I said that we were going out to eat because I had a massive windfall of money (well massive for me!), and Roommate 1 says, "But it's my birthday week kickoff...!" (and that's why I love him...he's just like me with the whole birthday week celebration, I love people who turn their birthdays into extravaganzas!) So when John came back down, I quickly agreed that the roommates should join us. Ah but where to go?

John came up with the perfect place--it was this super cute Mexican restaurant, which, inconsequentially had the best damn margaritas that I ever tasted in my life...although it was just a few sips of John's. We had some of the best food I ever had, even though, I didn't touch half of my was so good, I was just incredibly stuffed. I drank enough beer to make my head all swimmy and on our way out to the car we debated whether Rage or GnR was the better band...I was outvoted and we screeched Welcome to the Jungle and Mr. Brownstone all the way home. We continued out for a little bit, but then John and I had to turn into pumpkins since unlike Roommate 1 and 2, we had to get up in the we headed home around 10:30ish. I just have to say it, I have the best time ever with those boys, they're constantly cracking me up, and they are definitely upping my street cred as I'm seen in the city with the three most handsome men around (John being the only one that matters of course). And it was thrown out there that I can come down to the city this summer and pal around with the boys for a little drunken debauchery, and hangovers in the park while John slaves away at work all sounds fairly ideal to me...bumming around the city for awhile. It's nice to get out of the Cornfield, it's even nicer to be with John--he gives me a perma-smile, I feel like an idiot because I can't wipe it off my face.

John and I left the bar early, and I apologized because as always we have to leave early for me...I don't know what happened, we were going to watch Punch Drunk Love again, but somehow I ended up naked and sweaty for a couple of hours--not that I'm complaining...hell, I'm going to suggest watching that movie all the time if this is what's going to happen! On a side note-- I've decided that we might be trying to live in a musical, because we're constantly laying on the bed singing songs to each other, kissing and whatnot...I wonder what our musical would be called? Hmm...

This morning I woke up when the alarm went off at an ungodly hour (thank goodness John set his clock, because although I told him to remind me to bring my purse upstairs where my cell phone's alarm was set). Well, I get up and grabbed the "water" from the nightstand and took a huge swig and then I start wasn't water, it was John's wine from the night before! After that, I just felt it was futile to go home right away (read: I wanted a few more stolen hours with my man) so I put in for a half day, ripped my clothes back off and crawled into the bed and snuggled up against John's warm body. And I have to say, that John's getting much better at controlling the morning snark...he's kind of cranky in the morning, but lately when I've been waking his ass up, he's been holding it together rather nicely...maybe because I put out? Who knows :)

And now for my confession of the day:
Seeing John in his work clothes this morning made me want to rip them back off and lead him up to the bed, but instead, we got in my car and I dropped him off at work. Well you know the song, "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" right? I'm right, right?
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