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Monday, May 22, 2006
If Happiness were a poison...
...then I'd be dead by now. Part of the reason I'm not posting as much is because I no longer have blogger access from work...I can read blogs but I can't post or comment on them until I come home. The other reason why I'm not posting as much is probably because I'm just bursting at the seams with happiness and it's all due to one person--yep, that ol' boy again. John. And who really wants to hear all my mushy goodness???

This weekend he gave up his Friday night out and came with me unbegrudgingly to a wedding in Harrisburg. I picked him up from the train station right after he was done work (making for a super long day) and whisked him away on a several hour a place where he didn't know anyone, and he still did it with charm, wit and with smiles.

At the wedding I suppose we disgusted some people because we mostly just talked to each other, smiled at each other and gave each other the occasional smooch...everyone else was milling on the dance floor and neither of us wanted to partake in the Cha Cha Slide, the Electric Slide or (godforbid) the Chicken Dance, so the opportunity to talk about hypothetical weddings was there. My friend's wedding was held in a very nice Holiday Inn overlooking the lovely Cumberland Valley. The food was excellent, getting to see old friends and catch up with them was also nice, however, John and I both learned that a "formal" wedding wasn't something that either of us wanted. And no, (if you're worried) I'm not running off to marry John tomorrow, or even next month...we were just chatting about an ideal wedding and who'd we'd invite--if it ever came to pass. Although, at this point (and don't get scared John), I can easily see us getting married and making each other happy until the ever after.

Let me just take the time to say that John could get his official halo right now. We went to the wedding and he was the sweetest date ever. He put up with the fact that I hadn't removed this plastic stuff from my bumper that was dragging on the ground (the whole ride to Harrisburg) with only slightly gritted teeth. He removed said piece of plastic before we left, I had completely forgotten it...but somehow, the noise remained etched in his memory and with a few twists of a bolt, the offending plastic was safely placed in my backseat. He put me at ease at the reception (I'm was feeling less than attractive) when my ankles swelled to laughable proportions due to what I believe were spider bites on the backs of my calves. We get home and I whined about the jungle that was my back lawn and he patiently put on his sensible shoes and mowed it to a manageable length. Then he set to work on fixing the gate to my fence. What's this angel doing? Gunning for Mother Theresa's job? I think so.

When he left with his friend for a bachelor party, I sat down and emailed him my thanks (obviously I did it in person as well) but I really wanted to reiterate that I appreciated all that he had done for me and that his efforts weren't being taken for granted. I don't need (I could get off my lazy ass and take some preventative measures) him to work on my house, or expect him to work on this house...but his help was noticed, appreciated and loved. I checked my email later and he sent me the sweetest response, "I think I'd do just about anything for you." Aww, didn't Meatloaf say that too? ha ha.

And the rest of the weekend, although we didn't get to see each other, I felt loved because we volleyed texts back and forth quoting Punch Drunk Love, telling each other we missed and loved each other and while I was off getting a little tipsy with one of his very best friends yesterday, I was wishing I was laying on the couch next to him, snoozing, laughing or kissing. So yeah, I guess my posts aren't full of drama right now (and hopefully not for a very, very long time) but I'm just about certain that I've never been happier.
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