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Monday, May 15, 2006
I hate to do the weekend recaps...but oh well...

T and I headed down to the city for Roommate 1's birthday extravaganza. We all looked quite stunning in our evening wear and we set out upon the town. We looked extra sharp when we rolled into the family style Italian restaurant, where everyone else was dressed normally. More than a few heads were turned but that may have been because the one girl with us looked especially gorgeous in her slinky red dress. Food, red wine and Sangria flowed for several hours until we were all more than a little tipsy and extremely stuffed as well as extremely camera ready. In the course of one night, we took 120 photos with my new digital camera...lord knows how many we took with Roommate 1's!

We moved on to a bar where we could sit outside and continue drinking, taking pictures and just creating general hilarity. I met T's ex-boyfriend who seemed like a great guy, John smooshed my foot with his chair accidently and we have an awesome picture of him looking at me like I'm crazy because I'm patiently saying over and over (faster and faster), "John! my foot! My foot! John! John! John!" until finally he lifted the chair up and rubbed my foot better and we watched some drunk guy try to get on his bike and ride home...he succeeded in wiping out several times until finally he gave up. I don't think I laughed harder in my life than that night...and that night continued long into the wee hours of the morning.


T had to get up and go to work and John and I weakly said goodbye and rolled right back over and went back to sleep. We both felt bad when we actually woke up and realized that we did, sorry T! John and I woke up for real around 1pm, feeling a little like death and a whole lot like hell. We rolled out of bed and groggily marched to the corner store for cigarettes, Gatorade and aspirin...all very necessary items. But the hangover cure? Chinese take out and lots of sex. After chowing down on tons of Chinese food, we attempted to watch The Empire Strikes Back but sleep was taking over once again. Basically, John and I were wastes of life...we went upstairs, fooled around and then passed out for a few hours.

After a shower, watching some boxing on TV and the rest of our Chinese food we rolled back into the Cornfield to see our friend Tony's band play. Tony and his band played well, and John got to do a little guest appearance since Tony was singing one of the songs that John wrote for their old band together. I only wish the other bands had been any good, because they really weren't...perhaps that's why we kept doing shots? To keep us preoccupied from the caterwauling? Who knows really? But again, after the show we went home and stayed up singing songs and drinking beer with Tony and again, we saw 5am for the second night in a row. This time, however, we weren't going to be able to sleep until 1 pm...


Ah Mother's mother was going to visit her mother, and because I'm a disappointing daughter, I opted out of that. I told her to give me a call when she got back into town and that I would take her to dinner or something and she was ok with that...maybe because she received two dozen roses from me the day before? I think so...I'm crafty, I knew I wasn't going to my grandmother's so I had to do something! We ended up going to breakfast with John's family.

I had met John's mom once before, his sister I've seen and been acquainted for awhile, so the only new addition was his brother...who turned out to be a hilarious story teller. And it was good that we were being entertained because the waitress screwed up all of our orders, and if the order wasn't screwed up, it was just plain gross. In fact, my meal had me laying on the couch groaning for about an hour.

But my groaning ended and John whisked me off to that lovely super store known as Target. There, I picked out a new DVD player (mine is very finicky and only likes to play about .003% of my discs, grabbed much needed toilet paper (we were forced to use napkins because I had forgotten to buy TP the last time I was at the grocery store--in 1998...seriously, it feels like it's been that long!), and a couple of DVDs. We went up to check out and John surprised me by buying me all my was a completely sweet gesture (plus, I think he was just getting a tad bit frustrated by my player and he knew I wouldn't be buying one anytime soon...)

On our way home from Target his sister called and invited us over to her house because she was bored. We stopped, picked up a couple of six packs and sat out on her deck with her. Soon after we arrived, so did their mom. And not long after this John became saddled with three very tipsy women on a deck. I absolutely loved hanging out with them. First of all, I love how close his sister and mom are to each other and I love how much they love John. I almost felt bad for him when he we all tried to guilt him into staying in the 'burbs for the night instead of going home...almost. It was particularly funny when John's mom, (after several glasses of wine) said, "I want a wedding in June. What are you waiting for? She's got pretty eyes..." (aww sweet of her to mention my eyes...because otherwise I looked fairly gross--hair in a pony tail, no makeup, and a shirt that for some reason continued to stretch and grow throughout the day...I think I could've made a better physical impression...but oh well, what are you going to do?) But John was pretty sweet when he said something to the effect of, "Well we're not getting married next month, but I do love her..." I'm not going to lie, in my mini stupor, my eyes teared up a little. I also liked when we all tried to talk him into moving back to the Cornfield...poor kid, three women ganging up on him--oh well, at least he knows he's well loved and that we all want him around.

After several hours with his family, I talked/pouted John into taking me to the FQB for takeout(thanks Sweetie!) and we set up the new DVD player. Nearly the second that we laid down on the couch my eyes shut and from what I hear, I snored quite impressively throughout the movie, waking up intermittantly to watch a scene or two. But when I woke up, our time was nearly up. He came upstairs with me and woke me up with a nice little quickie, held me and listened to me quietly whine about not wanting him to leave...and then finally I said, "Ok, you can go home..." because, although I do my best to make him feel badly about leaving me, I completely understand why getting up at 5am when you don't have to wake up until 8 might be a little less than appealing...especially when he was going to see me again tonight since I have off work tomorrow!

And that dearies was my weekend...
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