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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
she may speak 18 languages and can't say no, but she sure as hell can say YES!
Sorry no's been a whirlwind of weddings, winding things down at work and all that good stuff that is pretty good, but very time consuming. That being said...I have news.

John and I are engaged! He asked me on Friday, and I said yes! So now there's lots of planning to do as well as beginning to figure out where our lives are going to take us. If I thought I was ecstatic last week, words can't even express how I feel right now. I'd do a jig, but I think I would look goddarn-ridiculous. However, I'm very cute when ridiculous.

So, I'm going to have a husband someday, and a wedding and a ring (I didn't really think I'd be that girl who gets excited about a sparkly ring, but I caught myself looking at them today at work...and I also caught myself with little dazed smiles...I felt very Stepford wife-like but *shrugging* it's still nice). Never in my wildest dreams did I think that was going to happen ("this" being, me getting married)...not sure why. But every day, John amazes me with his kindness, his consideration and his belief that together we can do anything. He hugs me and I can't think of a safer, warmer place to be--I close my eyes and squeeze him tightly, taking in his scent, revelling in everything that I feel that seems to only grow stronger with his every touch, with his every glance. He kisses me and my mind reels, and I feel a little crazy. When he takes my pants off...well I guess I can't talk about my future husband like that :) he he.

I take it as a very good sign that in the 100 plus hours we spent with each other over the past few days that his only signs of annoyance (which he mostly tried to quell) stemmed from either my dog being a pain in the neck and when I let him order onions and hot peppers on our shared hoagie and I picked them all off with disdain...that one he couldn't hide and muttered under his breath, "I'm going to kill you and it's going to be a very bloody murder." In my understanding, that means, "I love you...I can't live without you, and I'll let you pick peppers off our hoagies when we're old and senile." (am I wrong here?) I thought it was nice of me to give John "extra" toppings, by letting him order the offensive vegetables. Oh we know for the future how it's going to pan out. We'll sleep in the same bed, but we'll be eating separate hoagies.

Let's recap here...he excites my mind, excites my body (holy crap does getting engaged up the libido!!! whooo!), he gives me hope and I'm 99.44% sure that he's the best thing that ever happened to me (it was 92 degrees out today, that cool shower I took when I got home from work was nearly the best thing that ever happened to me too!) If I could write music, I'd write him a song...if my poetry weren't so cliche right now (I feel like an eighth grader--it could get really ugly when I start rhyming "love" "dove" and "above") I'd put my words on paper...but since I can't do any of that, I'm writing this little electronic love letter instead.

I'm a lucky girl.
He's a lucky boy.
And we're lucky that we didn't throw in the towel on any of this...because we're quite a team. You best watch your backs now kids, we're fairly unstoppable.
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