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Friday, May 20, 2005
I Think He Misses Me...In My Delusional World
Ry and I hit thitwbar tonight, not for long...just long enough for both of us to cop a buzz (for once!). Drk was working, sigh with me now. Yeah, his five foot six, bearded frame still makes me weak in the knees...and still makes me wonder why too. Believe me when I tell you that I adore scruffy men but ones that are built like my boyfriend in fifth grade? Whatever he has, he's got lots of it! Because he turns me on with a smile, and turns me down with a wave goodbye...although I always say bye first now, just because.

So Ry and I had great convos ranging from the maid of honor he hooked up with this weekend at his friend's wedding to all the weird stupid stuff that's going on in my life, back to the fact that Ry's buying his first house. Seriously folks, all seriously interesting stuff. Seriously.

On my way into the bar I said a quick hello to Drk, he put his stuff down as if I were going to stop and talk (as I used to do) but I just kept on going. I know it's childish and foolish be it. Well, Drk was officially done working at 11. His friends were waiting for him sitting across from Ry and I. Drk's first move was to go first to the jukebox and he played...The Bravery's "Favorite Mistake". Ok, I may be reading into it but I play it every single time I go into the bar. I'm usually the only person who knows the song and then I shimmy my way around the bar to the tune. Well there we are, Drk and Melina singing the song, me shimmying in my seat (I'm a fabulous chair dancer) and him grinning and singing. Our eyes met, I yelled across the bar, "Great Song" and he yelled back, "Yeah, I'm not sure where I first heard it."

Well I fucking know where you first heard it. And I fucking know why I'm in a blue mood, because he's moving out of town...and not because we never hooked up but because we never really became friends, and that's actually my fault.

Oh and I still have his fucking shirt. And I sooo don't want it.
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