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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Creepy Neighbors Vol. V
So my next door neighbor I think secretly dreams of being in charge of mowing some major league baseball field or something. He literally mows every other day. I'm not sure why, because he lowers the blade as low as it can possibly go. On top of this, he uses his weed wacker EVERY SINGLE DAY. Over and over, he whacks and whacks. I've heard that whacking is beneficial and self-rewarding but this is rediculous.

Because I'm more than slightly evil I find ironic that I don't own a weed whacker and I'm terrified of them! So I have huge, long tufts of lovely emerald blades shooting up by my trees that I occasionally go out and trim with a pair of clippers. How much do you think that he a) hates me or b) is dying to sneak over and trim my errant lawn?

Oh he's allowed believe me!
posted by Melina at 6:27 PM