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Saturday, May 14, 2005
Taking Care of Business-Text Message Style
So as I suffered from the single worst hangover of my adult life...and felt guilty because I was a pretty crappy daughter to my mom today, I decided to use my still drunkeness (at 2 pm) to get a few things off my chest to the boys who are no longer in my life. Nope, nothing to Drk. I learned my lesson, I'm leaving him alone like I probably should've all along! So who did I text? Matty and Todd.

Matty's message I've been composing all week, because I really do miss him and I know that I really screwed up, and I'm paying for it. So his message went a little something like this:
Hey Matty I just wanted to say hi and that I miss hanging out with you. Please give me a call if things don't work out with [my replacement's name]. Maybe I'll see you out one of these days, I know it's awkward but I hope you know I would never be bitchy to [stupid replacement's name]. I know I fucked up.

So yeah the message reeks of desperation but I felt good to get it off my chest, and I wanted him to know that I miss him.

And because I'm a brazen little hussy I had a message for Todd as well. My goal here was completely different. It wasn't a mesage from my was amessage from um, a little lower. You know how some people use a headache as a reason not to have sex? Well when I have a headache I like to have sex to make it go away. Using this mentality I thought that Todd might be willing to help me out in some capacity. So I sent him a little message that read like this:
I have the worst hangover headache ever, wanna come and make it better? I was just thinking about the last time you "cured" me and I could go for some of your type of healing!

Ok, I will be the first to admit that that message might just be the single lamest text message of all time. Why didn't I just make it even worse and say "Give me some sexual healing" I don't know! Well, his stupid mailbox was full because I got a message bounced back to me that said, "This message has been deleted from the mailbox" no sexual healing for me...just hours and hours of laying on the couch. At least I got to finish my book...that was the only good thing about the day. Oh and then I got some Chinese takeout because I thought that would make me feel better, uh no...I ended up regretting that decision!Because of my inability to judge when I'm inebriated "enough" I decided that I should probably just stay in tonight. I feel bad because I wanted to see C's band play but I have a feeling that I would be running to the bathroom to puke if I even smelled alcohol tonight.
Maybe I'll give Todd a call or try sending him another txt..I need laid, I'm starting to get cranky and my skin isn't as glowy as it usually is, I attribute this to my nun-like ways as of late (last night doesn't count because a) I would've never kissed him sober and b) I can't really remember it (that's bad isn't it?) Oh and don't get any ideas, it wasn't was much, much worse! So my little peaches, have a good time this fine Saturday night and use my story as a cautionary tale so that you too, do not end up praying to the porcelin god, as I have twice today.
posted by Melina at 8:31 PM