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Sunday, May 15, 2005
What Have I Done To Myself?
So my drunken escapade on Friday with my friend has been solved, as I said in comment below...but then I realized that I actually wanted to post about it. So he has called me a total of five times since he left my house. I avoided his calls like the coward I am because I really didn't know what had happened, whether or not I spurred it on (although I couldn't possibly see how I would've). Finally I decided to bite the bullet.

It's actually a good thing that I did. I feel a whole lot better now. Yes we did kiss. No, I didn't start it. Yes he did put his hand under my bra, and yes I did slur to him, "I like you as a friend, nothing more." Yes, he did stop and apparently pour his little grinch heart out to me about his "loooove" for me. Uh no. He's an ok guy as a second tier friend but the more time I spend around him the more loosely veiled racist and bigotted comments I hear. I'm just not cool with that, and I don't need any hate in my life. So luckily, I'm the one who stripped myself down...after my friend left! Yea!

Oh and yeah, I don't need the lecture to be more safe and responsible with alcohol...I hear it a lot from my ma (who has since forgiven me for my hangover from yesterday...even though we were supposed to go see my sick grandmother. I think she forgave simply for the reason that we didn't have to go!!), and I usually nod my head in agreement and then go about business as usual.

I'll grow up one of these days but, it's just so damn hard to pace yourself when you're sitting next to Ryan who keeps buying you a drink every time he gets one...except that he's about 265 lbs. and I'm not. What I need is my drinking buddy Chelle back! She was away at a wedding this weekend, but she and I can tie one on where I don't feel like I'm going to die the next day...all day long!

Today, I've been very productive, perhaps to counteract the fact that all I did was languish on my couch, bed and deck yesterday moaning like Frankenstein. I did some gardening, I did some work for work (about four hours worth!!), I started a new book, I walked the beasts, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes...whew, that's it! I'm giving myself the rest of the night off to watch TV and let my mind decay.
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