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Sunday, May 22, 2005
Date Night
So last night was the "big date night" ok, it actually was very low key because he came after working for 12 hours so we just went to thitwbar. He actually liked it. Patrick is a pretty cool guy. He's funny, sarcastic, and irreverant--all things I like. He was fairly attractive, if not a little skinny. A bonus, he's six feet tall (everyone that I've been hanging out with lately has been on the short side).

We went out around 7pm and we had all intentions of having a few drinks, playing some pool, get some dinner and then head home. After our billionth drink I suggested that he could sleep on my couch (since he had a 45 minute drive home). From there it took a nasty turn towards drunkeness. I'm happy to report that I was not too too drunk, but I certainly tied one on.

It was funny at thitwbar because I would've never actually taken a date to that bar...well because I have a bit of a history with people there. Sweet Cheeks just had an amused look as he served me all night. When Patrick went to the bathroom he asked me "So is that your bit o' stuff for the evening?" I don't think I could've lauged harder.

Drk was working, and he looked as cute as always. I'm not going to lie, if Drk asked me that moment to do something, I would've ditched Patrick in a heartbeat. Drk also made life a little tough for me because he said, "I guess you forgot my shirt huh?" Ok, now try to explain that to your date. Why is the cook's shirt at your house? And damn it because of totally innocent reasons although I wish it wasn't.

The only thing that I found weird about Patrick was that any time I was talking about someone (either at the bar or one of my friends) he would always ask, "Did you fuck him?" Now this wasn't right off the bat, this when he had a little liquor in him...but still. Although I did answer honestly, with lots of yes's and a couple of no's. For example, I would say, "My friend Ry and I were here on Thursday and...." and then Patrick would ask, "Have you ever fucked Ry?" So yeah, that was more than a little weird.

There were a couple of other characters that made my night a little rough. Hot Ronnie came over and gave me a hello? I don't think Ronnie and I have ever hugged. And then Freddie (the guy with the huge dragon tattoo on his belly from a long time ago) also came a gave me a hug. Oh and then about every male in the bar I think said hello to me. Ok, so my demure act wasn't going so well.

We closed down the bar and we came back to my house. Yeah we hooked up a bit and then my doorbell rang. Um yeah, it was 3:30 am. So I answer it and it's S and two of his friends. WTF? They asked if they could come in and hang out. I told them that I had company and they asked if they could hang out down at my bar. Ok sure, whatever. Well the boys trampled downstairs and I went back and curled up next to Patrick. Well Patrick was a bit pissy. He said, "Do you remember my post said disease and drama free? Well this is drama." So I sent the boys home. I mean hey, I wasn't sure what they were doing there but they were wasted so I wasn't going to make a big deal of it, they could sit downstairs for all I cared... Patrick's question was "Does this happen often? Do guys just come over all the time?" Ok, it has never happened, I don't know what was going on...but whatever. Oh and Patrick, "yes, guys come over all the time".

So Patrick slept over, we behaved ourselves...I think in part because we were both pretty darn drunk. We hooked up a little this morning but I stopped things before they got too crazy...I'm just not sure, you know? I'm trying to not follow my previous motto of "Fuck now, think later." I mean hey, that's how I'm still saddled with S showing up at my door on 3 am. Oh and I was supposed to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses today with Cr. She was here at 11am and I never heard her knock or call (she called my cell which was downstairs)...I think she's probably not happy with me. It sucks because I really wanted to go too!
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