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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Don't Give This Girl Alcohol Anymore!
Last night the ladies and I went out on the town. We started out calmly, and then took a turn for drunkeness. At least I did. The first bar was great, we had a nice intimate dinner where we busted on each other relentlessly. At least I busted on all of them. And then we went downstairs and sang obnoxiously with the solo artist performing. At least I did. Then we met up with some of my other friends at another bar.

Somehow I wandered around, got myself lost and separated from my first group of friends. I found Ry and some other people and just stayed there, as walking was slowly not becoming an option anymore. Ml and Missy announced to me that they were leaving, something that my drunken brain couldn't comprehend. So ride number one left. I feel bad today as I realize that I just totally wandered away from them last night. It certainly wasn't on purpose.

I ended up talking to Ricky for a while, we were both really banged up so our conversation flowed freely, I'm not so sure as to what we spoke about but it was long and in depth. Then I started making phone calls and sending text messages because Ry left me sitting at the bar as he walked Ricky to his car (I'm assuming they went out to the parking lot to smoke some pot). I should never be left unattended. I called my pregnant friend at 1 am and asked if she had her baby yet. I didn't realize that I got her answering machine. She called me today to tell me that I amuse her, and that no she hadn't had the baby yet, and that she hoped her baby was as much as a lush as we are (well as I am, and as she was 9 months ago). I sent a text message to Patrick, the guy I'm going on a date with this evening. Oh brother! I'm starting already!

Luckily as we have no carnal knowledge of each other my text message just asked him if he went to Manayunk (trendy area just outside of Philly). Instead of being a normal person and either disregarding it, or sending a message back...he called me at 1am. Fuck. We talked for 28 minutes. Double fuck. I ramble when I'm sober, imagine me drunk! Oh boy. But wait, the story gets better...or perhaps more horiffic depending on how you view it. Because I was outside talking to Patrick on the phone, Ry came back into the bar to look for me and couldn't find me. Knowing me as he does, he thought that perhaps I had found a gentleman friend to share affection with so...he left the bar...after calling my phone and getting no answer from me! Apparently I didn't hear the call waiting beep.

So, you can see where this comedy of errors is going. I went back into the bar to look for him, couldn't find him so I did the most logical thing I could think of. I started walking home. I got about half way when I decided to call my mom at 3am to pick me up. I told her where I was and she and her boyfriend drove out to get me. She's a good woman, and I know that her boyfriend probably thinks that I am the biggest, drunkest idiot known to man! Which is quite possibly true.

This morning Ry calls to check on me at 9 am because apparently I left him three drunken messages...he was apologetic, as was I and I told him how I got home, and he laughed at me. At 11:30 Patrick called me to "check how my hangover was progressing". He poked some fun at me for "ranting about the fashion industry" last night (um what? what the fuck is wrong with me?) and to tell me not to worry, that he's "been there" and that he bartended for three years so he's "seen it all". Yes, I was mortified that I haven't even actually met this man in the flesh yet and already I'm busting out my A- game drunken stunts out, but it was nice that he was so cool about it. He's either a drunk, extrememly desperate, or just a downright nice guy--we shall see, he's coming here around 5 to hang out with me. I think I'm going to avoid massive amounts of alcohol, just in case.
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