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Friday, May 20, 2005
Big Fish In A Small Pond
So I decided to branch out and answer a post on Craigslist a week or two ago. The guy cracked me up. I especially liked the fact that he lived in a church (how weird is that? Do you know how non religious I am?) Well last week he gave me his phone number I never called him, we chatted through a couple more emails here and there. He seems really interesting and interested.
(Cue violins)
When men are interested in me, I am most definitely not interested in them. I love the angst, the plotting to get them to like me etc. Basically, I just don't like anyone to actually like me because then they might hurt, I'm trying my very best not to turn my nose up at this man named Patrick.

He left me an early morning email asking me if I wanted to get drinks today after work because he was going to be near the Cornfield, it was sweet because he said a) he'd pick me up (I'm in the process of buying a new vehicle on a shoestring budget, so I'm hoofing it) b) that he hoped I wouldn't mind if he'd be in jeans and be slightly dirty since he would be coming straight from work. Well I didn't get the email until 1 pm. So I sent an email back. Then he called me at 4:00 pm but unfortunately I didn't get his message until 4:30. I called him back and left him a message. So I'm kind of in email and phone tag limbo, but I have to say--his voice had a warm and deep timbre to it. I may be making things up but he sounds kind to living things, and I know that he has a sense of adventure. Hmm, at first I was skeptical about this Craigslist business, but we'll see. I only answered his post because I thought it was funny...I didn't even suggest the idea that I was looking for a date and neither did he. Well, it's something to mull over. Ok, time to get ready for my night out with the ladies! Have a good one, and I'll fill you all in tomorrow when I have an icepack perched on my head.
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