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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
The Boy Not So Next Door Anymore
So when I was 22 I came home from college (I was on the five year plan) for the very first summer at home--the rest I spent at school or at the beach. I was all prepared for a very boring summer and I wasn't let down at all. I was bored out of my mind. I got in the best shape of my life because I was so bored that I worked out two to three times a day, several hours at a time. I worked part time at Victoria's Secret and never came home with a paycheck. I abused my parents' hospitality but I felt it was only fair since I was bored out of my mind. Then one day I came home and Josh was in his mom's driveway. Josh too, was away at school (he was on the six year plan--did I tell you that we were both gifted students too?) and he never really came back to our rinky dink town either.

I lifted my arm in an awkward wave (Everything after that night in high school was kind of awkward between us. He was always looking sheepish and apologetic and I was always wishing that I had just worn jeans that had zipped! But we never really talked about the night. We would still hang out in high school, but never really by ourselves. A couple times in college he called me up and either invited me up to his college, and a couple of times he told me that he was coming down to mine to see friends and hoped to see me too...but we never actually ended up doing any of those things)
He called me over to his driveway.
"Hey what are you doing tonight."
"Umm, probably nothing. I haven't done anything all summer."
"Do you want to go to THITWbar? I heard they have some wing special on Weds"
(folks this was my first trip there...ever!!! and Drk was a senior in high school at the time)
"Sure. That sounds like fun."

So we ended up going to the bar, and we bought a couple of pitchers and started reminiscing. Somehow we ended up on the Little League field because we had once made out in the dug outs for about five hours (maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but only a slight one) and one thing led to another...and somehow I ended up in the backseat of my Ford Tempo, drinking a beer and getting naked with my old next door neighbor. We talked about that high school moment, and he apologized about the nipple comment. I experienced my first pierced penis. The entire experience was surreal. First of all, I had to leave my car doors open because the back seat was too short. Secondly, I'm at the damn Little League field. Third, I noticed that red and blue lights were flashing outside my car.
Yes folks, the police came.
I hear over the bullhorn,
"Please step out of the vehicle!"
"But sir, I don't have any clothes on," I pleaded (this was after round two, so happily the cop had only interupted our cuddling session)
He had no pity. Did I mention that he is the only cop in our town? So I got out of the car, in nothing more than my birthday suit.
Josh quickly tossed me his shirt, which I pulled on and it went down to my knees. the damage was already done though since the pervert cop used his deer spotter on me.

Long story short. We were cited for open containers, lude and lacivious behavior, disturbing the peace (apparently the people living next door to the ball field had called). We had to get a friend of Josh's to pick us up because the cop had deemed us both too drunk to drive (although we both passed the breathalizer by a landslide...) which was "nice" because I hadn't seen Josh's friend Brian since oh-about 8th grade. So I thought it was pretty nice to give him a call at four in the morning to come pick us up.

The best part though? I had to tell my dad. He was friends with the DJ that I had to go before to receive my fines (which I was allowed to go get the next day---what a heavy docket huh?). The DJ said to me, "You better go home and tell your dad young lady or I will, and then he'll be embarassed." So I sucked it up and took my dad to the movies. In the middle of the movie I leaned over to him and asked, "Are you having a good time?" Before he could answer I said, "Good because last night I had sex with Josh in the Tempo and Judge _______, told me I should tell you." We finished watching the movie. My dad didn't speak the whole car ride home. When we finally did get there,he told me to go back to college, that he loved me better when he could visit and once he got a headache he could go home. So I got sent back--which wasn't unusual. I didn't even get to say goodbye to Josh, or ask him for his half of the fines which I paid on my own. We hadn't exchanged numbers (because we both planned on seeing each other again that next night) and I didn't want to call his mom for the number since she wasn't all that nice (not a good enough reason, but that's why).

I hear he went back to school a couple of days after I did. He ended up getting a girlfriend and he's been with her ever since. I see him at graduation parties for his brothers and other random "old neighborhood" events and he never brings his girlfriend. He always comes over and talks with me in quiet tones, always apologetic, always reminiscing about how "we were almost"--and sometimes it kills me. Because I too think, "we were almost"...we always almost got where we wanted to be together but neither of us made enough of an effort. And he was never/is never actually serious because he always has a girl on standby for when it doesn't work out between us. I always say hi, but I never accept when he wants to go to thitwbar anymore. I don't have the cash for random fines these days.

PS. When I was cleaning out the boxes from my "serial killer" post. I found the shirt from this escapade. He wore his undershirt home, and I wore his long one because we "weren't allowed back into the crime scene"...I'll be honest. I couldn't throw that shirt away, or give it to GoodWill. Sometimes I'm sentimental, sue me.
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