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Monday, February 07, 2005
Vicarious Living
Two of my close friends at work are married and they enjoy to hear my tales of sex, lies and video tape (actually thank god I haven't been that stupid...yet). Now granted I don't run around telling everyone at work these stories, just a select three (the third, Ml is not married and sometimes has very good stories of scandal too). The one married friend picks me up for work every day so I have to fill her in with my tales because she always ends up parked behind one of my boy's vehicles. I tried to tell her that it was a visiting relative but after she looked at my flushed face, tired eyes and hair that I was de-matting (over and over again)--she did not believe that it was a relative. Or perhaps at first she believed that I was having "relations" with one of my relations!

Another friend has been married for about six years and has a baby who's almost two, tonight we went out to dinner and she clapped her hands together and said, "Tell me some stories!" with delight. I blush slightly (because telling the stories to anonymous people is so much easier than being the whore on display). I suck it up and oblige her. She's the best. She doesn't judge, she asks questions...deep probing questions like, "Really? And then what did he do with_______ (insert any body part here--actually that's sounds like a bad pun but it was unintentional). She sounds like she's taking notes at times. She tells me, "Oh no...I'm not telling my husband that story. He'll leave me for you!(which isn't true because he's completely devoted to her)" She peppers our conversation with, "I love you" and "I sooo would be you if I wasn't married."

This makes me happy and I tell her that I live through her as well. So my life isn't exactly the pillar of stability, but hers is. And it looks nice. I'm not saying that I want to jump into her Hallmark Hall of Fame lifestyle just yet...but if she does want to trade spouses for a couple of days, I'm down. She'd get the revolving door of boys and I'd get the guy that called her to tell her how proud he was of their baby because she "shit so much it was coming out of her armpits" (ok it's not eloquent but it was sweet that he called to tell her something that made me cringe, but the two of them thought was absolutely hilarious). She'd have some pretty earth shattering sex, but I'd probably get the sweeter end of the deal with the cute kid, and the adoring husband.

Of course, after a few days I'd be climbing the walls waiting to get back home to see my boys--most importantly Drk.
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