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Saturday, February 05, 2005
The Cure For A Hangover
Folks I can't even make this shit up...even if I tried. What's that magazine that I should be writing in to? Penthouse Forum? "I didn't even know this could happen but one night..."

So anyways, last night I went out with Ry and he and I got pretty shitty. Well the whole while I'm talking to Todd through texts (he started it mind you). With the way my night ended, I didn't end up making any kind of firm plans with Todd so I just went to bed. This morning I get a cryptic message saying, "Shit, I passed out that would've been fun but I'm still ready" at 8:46 in the morning. God only knows what I wrote. I mean sure we can all read in between the lines but I'm not sure about the wording. So I'm completely hungover, about two levels above puking my guts out. Those two levels above are a godsend but I still felt like holy hell in a bottle.

So get this...I text Todd back, "Come fix my hangover" and a crazy volley of text mesages ensued to the point that he came here at 9:38 and I fucked him on my couch with the blinds open (feeling a little twinge of guilt because I really like my next door neighbors and they are kind of old and they shouldn't have to witness Melina getting her groove on...I'll bake them cookies today). I never thought he'd come over in a million years and I think I was still slightly drunk with the trashy messages I was sending. You know what though? I totally think an orgasm is the cure for everything ailing you. I felt nasty and gross beforehand, now I feel slightly crappy but way less hungover.

The nice thing is that I finally got Todd to be honest. I told him that I knew that he and his girlfriend were trying to get back together. I told him that I knew he shouldn't ever have a girlfriend because fidelity isn't his strong point. He responded that, "Only when you're single and in question" and you know what, in his case that's the truth. Typically, it's a line but I know exactly who Todd hangs out with and they are never female. Even though he's an ass, he has a soft spot for me. Probably because I'm the best lay he's ever had, but it's a soft spot nonetheless. It was nice that we had this early morning romp. I feel like so many things were resolved, especially the fact that I wanted to have satisfying sex.
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