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Sunday, February 06, 2005
Partying Like the Eagles Already Won the Superbowl
Last night Cr and I went out to eat and then to THITWbar. I was feeling shaky at best to start out the evening. I hadn't fully recovered from Friday. But like a good alcoholic I stuck to my word and went out.
At THITWbar everyone was dressed in Eagle's green and shots were being poured like crazy. Being the fact that Cr and I were two of about five females at the bar, most of the shots were aimed our way. I think I did somewhere in the neighborhood of ten, and that's a conservative estimate. That's when I did some of my best drunken text messaging. Hang your head Melina, hang your head. I sent them indescriminately. I sent about five to Todd, maybe one to Matty, and god knows who else. They were very coherent and to the point though. "Come to the bar" and "I want you" seemed to be the theme. I think it should be illegal to have a phone with you when you're drunk, it would make life that much easier for me. Either that or I'd be in jail a lot. I want Britain's technology of *333, to block phone calls overnight. That would be a really great thing for me. Aren't we supposed to be a "Super Power"? What are we wasting our technological advancements on? Cures for cancer? Only kidding...

So nothing really exciting happened last night (read: I didn't get naked or act like the loveable slut I sometimes can be) Cr and I hung out with Mikey and his ugly shirt. Cr and I gossiped about the drama in my life, and we got pretty darn shitty. To the point that Melina pushed herself away from the bar and said, "Cr, you've got to take me home...I'm too drunk." Cr's eyes widened because I don't think such words have ever escaped my mouth before, so she hopped up, grabbed my arm and we bolted from the bar. It wasn't a minute too soon either. Considering that I'm the queen of TMI (too much information) I don't think it would be wrong to tell you that I embraced the toilet within minutes of opening my front door. And then again this morning, and then again this afternoon. I'm starving but I can't eat anything! All my friends are at a Superbowl Party over at Ryan's but I'm being a loser and lying in the fetal position on my couch.

All I can say is that the Eagles better win (a long shot I know) but it would be a real shame that I tortured myself all for naught!
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