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Friday, February 04, 2005
Excitement...or the Lack Thereof
Sometimes I burn myself out. I live alone, so I spend a lot of time alone (although from the posts I guess it doesn't seem that way) and for the most part I enjoy my solitude...but then I get these urges to have something fun and exciting happen. Maybe Ed McMahon could show up at my doorstep with a large million dollar check, or Colin Ferrel(spelling?) could ring the doorbell and say, "Care for a shag?" that certainly would be fun. And he's little and scruffy so I could just close my eyes and think of Drk. (Hmmm would any other red blooded woman ever say that they'd sleep with Colin Ferrel and think of someone else? Dunno) But I sit here at work,which actually is always exciting, but just not today and I think that maybe I don't need excitement. I'll probably end up playing cards with my friends tonight--win a couple bucks and be in bed by one.


Matty calls (I'm not loving the fact that he's not a calling type of person. I wouldn't mind if he'd just show up at my house, that would work too). If he came over all the time, I wouldn't need a personal trainer. My entire body is still, sorry. File that under TMI

Or maybe Todd calls. Would that be wrong? Because now that I treated him the way he treated me, are we back on even ground? I don't think he'll call, I think he's ego is bruised. But what if he did? What if I drunk dial him tonight?

Maybe I should just go play cards and wait for Colin F to show up...that's probably the safest move. Sometimes it's hard being me. Actually, it's fun to be me, who am I kidding.
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