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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
My Alter Ego...Almost Got The Best of Me (see post before this)
So before I left last night I blogged hastily and in fact, it was a good thing because as I proofread (which, yes I know, I rarely do) I realized that I didn't want to go out, and least of all with Todd. I also realized that I didn't really want to play any games with Drk--plus it's kind of hard to play games with a man who doesn't know he should be responding with jealousy over a girl he's probably not feeling overly emotional towards (unless you count exasperation as the emotion)! So I called Todd back and told him that I decided that I should just stay in. I still had a lot of stuff to do before I went to bed--and it was late. He begged and whined (sure sign he was drunk)but he finally let me off the phone. But was it done? Nope.

About ten minutes later the phone rings again, "Todd." Now I don't have to answer it, but I do (and that's part of my problem). It's Todd's friend C, I think attempting to play drunken wingman.
C: Melina?
M: (uh no, it's just her phone) Yeah?
C: It's C
Scintilating phone convo, eh?
M: What's up?
C: So what did you say to make Todd so upset?
M:: What do you mean?
C: He got all mad when you guys got off the phone and he stomped off to the bathroom.
M: Oh sorry. It must've been the part when I said that I didn't want to go out--unless we went to my bar, and the fact that I didn't want to sleep over his house tonight.
C: Is that what it was?
M: I'm guessing so, because I didn't say all the things I should say because I'm a chump...
C: Such as?
M: Such as, he has a girlfriend and I don't need any phone calls tomorrow (now today) telling me that it was a "mistake."
C: Ummm I think Todd left me here at the bar!
M: Sorry to hear that C, really I am...
C: If he did we can both kick his ass!
M: Um yeah, alright well good luck with that. Talk with you later. Bye C.

So I was good.
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