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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Shaving = No Sex...When Will I Learn?
So last night I was out with my friend Kir and when I came home I smelled like cigarettes and cheeseburgers...typically I wouldn't mind the cheeseburger smell but the dogs were pouncing on me with more love and vigor than usual. I decided to take a shower. I rarely shower at night because I need that added pick-me-up of a morning shower and also there's the fact that if I wash my hair at night it never really looks all that great in the morning!

While I was in the shower, however, I thought, "Hmm, maybe I should shave my legs just in case Todd or Matty calls me." Well I was all soaped up with nowhere to go and no one to do (ha ha, that's a joke...laugh with me people). I'm sure I could've called one of them if I really wanted to, but it was just the principle of the whole deal. I had smooth legs! If I had left them as they were...not overly hairy persay but somewhat of them definitely would've called me. I've known this for years, and yet I never listen to my own rules.

It's also the reason why I never wear matching socks. If you are totally "cuted up" all plans/schemes/designs on men will certainly fail. Although, I'm thinking...that on Drk the mismatched socks might have the opposite effect. And perhaps, if I wear matching socks (for the first time in oh say 7 years), then perhaps...just maybe...Oh I'm sooo trying it!! Well I've finally figured the secret out, it's definitely the socks; don't try to tell me otherwise-damn it!
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