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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Late Night Text Message- Help! Need Rosetta Stone!
Ok I received three text messages last night and I need help decoding them. Here's all the background that you need to help me out. I dated S for a little over a month. It was a weird situation, about three years ago I was friends "with benefits" with his best friend, which suited us both nicely until I decided I either wanted more or I wanted way less. I got way less, and I was ok with that. Like I said--I like straight forward, no bullshit. Back to S. This summer I ran into him and we struck up conversation and he ended up asking me out on a date, "If it wasn't too weird for me." It wasn't. So we dated. We went to the movies. We had sex--precisely twice. Now that doesn't sound like the Melina we all know and love right? We took it slow (slow for me is like two weeks of dating)...and he actually had a secret reason for not wanting to have sex with me--he dropped a bomb (not really) on me by saying, he "can't ever last." Whatever. I liked S. I wanted to express it carnally. He wasn't lying. I still liked the guy though, I'm not that superficial, but I think he felt my disappointment, although I tried not to show it...and I certainly didn't say, "it happens to a lot of guys." We broke up because he got drunk and called me a whore for inviting an ex to a bbq at my house that I was strictly friends with. Ok flash forward to last night (sorry I think you need the sexual background for these text messages).

First text message (2:56 am) blank message
Second text message (3:04 am) "Hey trouble I feel in luv,I don't think I ever felt this way and she's a black intelligent and funny thing showed me something totally different in sexuality" (I remained true to the author's punctuation or lack thereof)
Third text message (3:13am) "Melina I am so shocked by what buttons the guy has for multiple orgasms I luv it, yea you can bust on me to the way we should watch a flick sometime.cya."

So my friends, what the heck does that mean? Do you think he wants to show me what he learned from sexual chocolate? I didn't think so since he said he was in love with her...but...I can't get a read on this one. Please help.
Perplexed in Pennsylvania
posted by Melina at 9:14 PM