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Monday, January 03, 2005
Join My Gang!
I'm thinking of starting a gang. After watching Napoleon Dynamite, I realized that you need someone to have your back. Napoleon had Pedro, Uncle Rico had Kip (at least for a little), Grandma had Tina and I have Cr...but I think I want more support-she'll get a new boyfriend soon (what with all the men that are already taking numbers now that they know she's single again).

When I was a little kid I was in a big wheel gang and it was awesome. It probably looked like Children of the Corn or Village of the Damned (the real one, not the stupid version) or even some weird episode of the Twilight Zone. Picture this--at least twenty little kids cruising by at break neck speeds on their big wheels in a pack down the street--that was us. We'd ride down to the "dirt road" as we called it back then and slam on the brakes to get that really cool burn-out spin. Dirt would swirl around us and of course,there'd be some casualties to tipping over-suffering from that dastardly biker fate of Road Rash! We were a force to be reckoned with...Parents feared (feared running over) us, the little kids who were too tiny to affiliate watched us with awe in their eye...They saw their future and it was in the form of a yellow bigwheel with ketchup red streamers coming out of the handlebars.

So I implore you, folks of the www--let's start a bigwheel gang! Go back to your parent's digs and see if they didn't keep your old one for posterity's sake! Our knees will hit the handlebar and we won't be able to ride anywhere, but it'll be like a coming home to jam our rears into the old plastic bucket seats. And then we can flip them over and play ice cream stand. You know when you turn the pedals and shout, "Ice cream, get your ice cream!" It'll be great!

See this is what happens when I have to go back to work, and (out of necessity) avoid alcohol? I become a sap. Sappy, Sap, Sap...At least it's a fun word to say. So is gurkenflukenbaum...Which is a pickle tree in German, which I learned from Herr von Moritz in seventh grade when we read Baron von Munchausen...Great book...But I digress. Life is a digression.

I leave you with the most appropriate quote from Napoleon Dynamite, "Napoleon, don't get jealous because I've been chatting on the internet with hot babes all day." It's suits us doesn't it?
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