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Friday, December 31, 2004
You Should Just Love Me...Because You Should.
So of course, last night I went to THITW bar where I think I've gained ten pounds from all the courage...ahem, alcohol that I've consumed over the past five days. I can honestly say at this point--I'm almost glad my vacation is coming to a close, because this boozing has been pretty darn tough on the old system. I realize now that college, although only four years in my past, is a lifetime away. My liver is crying mercy. So is my ego.
Last night my friends came out to support the cause. As I said before, I'm usually a love 'em and leave 'em kind of girl (not in a heartless way) but I just haven't been one for commitment. So nearly every single one of my friends finds it absolutely hilarious that I up and went crazy- all in the name of Drk. For hours I put up with my friend Ry screaming Drk's name so that he'd come out from the back and then Ry would just point at me. Greaaaat, that's what I need. I'm not an asshole on my own, I need my friends to help. Thanks Ry, you're great.
I held onto the belief that I should just admire Drk from afar because when I'm drunk I just start extolling his virtues for the world to hear...that worked until about the eighth Molson Golden. That beer coincided with the bar kitchen closing down and Drk (bartender in training) came out to bartend. That's when I surpassed myself in all things idiotic.
Let's see...what didn't I tell him? I didn't tell him my middle name, but that's about it. I told him that he should sleep with me because I have a lot of money riding on the idea of me having sex with him by Monday (what? Why would you tell him that?Umm, are you trash? You sound like trash...head hanging in shame). I told him that, "You should just love just should." Good argument Melina, you should've been an attorney. I told him, "I love you. In a lustful, in rapey kind of way. I asked him why all of the resistance?
"Are you gay?"
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"Do you not find me attractive?"
The answer to all those questions were no, no and yes-you're really pretty! "Then why?" I persisted.
He stated, "I don't date customers."
"I'll walk out that door and never come back if you'll go on a date with me!"
And then he dropped the real bomb.
He lives in a church (I knew that but...) smack my forehead please. I thought it was an abandoned church, but it's not. He's holy. I'm Mary fucking Magdalene! So anyways, this whore didn't win the boy but she's not giving up. Maybe I won't be going to the bar as much but, I will continue to tell Drk that he should love me, just because.

I'm a moron, but as I told Drk last night, "when I'm in love, I know it. And sadly, I'm in love with you." It can't be helped. I'm thinking of getting a shirt made that says, "Just love me already!" What do you think?
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