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Saturday, January 01, 2005
Karma's a Bitch!
So we all know that I was crazy in "love" (read lust) with Drk, right? We know that I harassed him for about five consecutive days and quite a few other sporadic nights...well here are the pay backs.
J, called me last night at 12:20 am. I thought to wish me a Happy New Year. I thought wrong. Let me give you a little background on J, because it's a really funny story. I met him out at the bars about two years ago, I took him home with me but we didn't sleep together that night (like the virginal, sweet girl that I am-for once!) and then the next day I was running late for work. I hopped out of my bed and I got dressed. I was screaming, "Get up!I'm going to be late for work!" He groggily gets out of my bed and slowly started to dress. Since I drove, I had to drive him home-which conveniently was right past my workplace. As I drove towards work-there was a huge traffic jam. I then did the unspeakable--I kicked J out of the car to walk home the final two blocks because I would've been late to work-and at my job-that just can't happen!
A funny thing happened that day though. I received a phone call asking me out on a date later that night by non other than J! How strange! I treated this man like a piece of...meat, and he loved me for it! Well, as it turned out, our "relationship" quickly morphed into something sexual and it really never achieved it's emotional wings. We were down and dirty; but I don't think I could've ever talked about anything serious. It was a shame. He was cute, he was sweet, he had a body that I could've...that I did...nevermind. Eventually, I met someone I wanted to actually date, so I let J fall by the wayside-still friendly, but not with benefits (when in actual relationships I'm strictly monogamous). Whenever I was out of a relationship it was completely different...I'd call J to see if he had some time for me, and vice versa. But I finally decided that I should try and grow up and find someone else that could stimulate something other than my body--that was a year and a half ago.
Jay calls me drunk at 3:30 in the am at least once or twice a week and I think I've only actually spoken to him a handful of times since then...except when I see him out. Last night he called me numerous times to "express his undying love for me...and how he wished he could've opened up and shared all the feelings that he felt for me...blah blah blah and when he saw me on Weds all the old feelings came rushing back...and he finished eloquently by saying, "F@ck me please Melina..." Sooo, we get down to the real reason for the call. Although tempting (because if you haven't figured it out yet and I'm not trying to be salacious- I have the sex drive of a 17 year old boy) I turned him down quietly. I wished him a happy New Year, and set my ringer to silent. J called about 37 more times that night, leaving 30, being the theme. So Drk, I now have a sense of what I put you through over the past couple of weeks--and I'm truly sorry. Sorry that you don't "love" me like J does!
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