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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Broken Arms and Moral Dilemmas
So last night Cr and I went out to our old watering hole...the one we went to before I fell in love with Drk (only because Drk's bar was closed for the evening). Brian called Cr and we invited him and his friends out. I was drunk after two beers (very strong, high alcohol content beverages, whoops!) I ended up talking to the person I will now refer to as Sweet Cheeks. Sweet Cheeks is a bartender at THITW and he showed up with Brian. Sweet Cheeks and I hung out all night. I found out that he was breaking up with his girlfriend today. I found out that he's a really cool guy, and not the bastard that I thought he was. He's kind of mean when he bartends. My favorite part of the evening though was when he asked me(more of a statement if you ask me), "So you fancy Drk huh?" Umm how did you find that out? Was it when I proclaimed it from the rooftop? So yes, we talked about Drk for a few minutes and I admitted that yes I do find Drk to be extremely handsome--I omitted the fact that I wanted to have 10,000 of his babies. I also found out that Drk grew up a few houses down from the house I bought this summer and that his family still lives there...if he shouldn't love me now, when should he?
I will make a long story short. I have a hangover that could kill an elephant. I hurt my arm last night at some point and I think I broke my wrist. It hurts badly! My asthma is kicking in too because apparently I smoke A cigarette last night (what's wrong with me) and to top it all off...I kissed Sweet Cheeks. I don't know why I did it, but I did. I have a feeling that if Sweet Cheeks tells Drk, I'll never get a chance to kiss his beautifully pierced mouth. Cheeks, you're great...but you're no Drk, sorry sweetie. Oh and I drunk dialed J. What is wrong with me? Maybe I don't want you to answer that.
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