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Monday, June 18, 2007
Graduation Day
First things first...I am an aunt! It was quite a long labor but my sister in law was a trooper. After over 30 hours of full fledged labor and not a whole lot of effacing they decided to give her a C-section. The baby is a tiny (!) replica of her mother--perfect little nose, dusky skin, she has the same full mouth as her mother and her Uncle John--she's amazing.

Ok, on with my own story.

Last year on Graduation Day, John gave me my engagement ring...true I already accepted his offer (although, I think it was my offer first), without a ring. Three weeks after he proposed he slipped my ring onto my finger after I had come home from my scholastic festivities.

This year on Graduation Day as I was slipping out the door, I received a text message from John which read, "Did you leave yet?" and "Can you wait?" after I responded that I was on my way out of the door. I agreed to wait, more than a little curious. I didn't have long to wait. As his car rounded the corner of our neighborhood, his window came down and he gently tossed a little blue box tied up with white ribbon into my hands. "Oh Tiffany's" I thought to myself a little giddy and a whole lot greedy. I ripped open the box (I mean, I gently untied the ribbon) and nestled inside the black velvet box was a white gold square band that I had recently pointed out that I liked because it was so unique. I finally got my wedding ring. You see, I hadn't found a ring I had liked when we were engaged because my engagement ring is so modern looking so it took me about a year to finally settle on something...a funny thing to say from a woman who got married 7 months after she started dating her husband, huh?

In other romantic news, John also informed me that we will be spending our first anniversary in Chicago!! Hopefully we'll get to see a game, eat a pizza and who knows, maybe we'll even hit the Warped Tour since it happens to be in town when we are. Although, it will be here at home, when we get who knows?!? By the way,who wouldn't marry this guy as quickly as they could?

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