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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Today I made my charges write letters to themselves, which I will mail to them in a year so that they can see how much they've changed and they can evaluate how much they hoped to achieve this next year and how close they came. As they filed out of the door hooting and hollering that today was the last day that the state was going to mandate that they sit in my classroom, one redhead stayed behind, grabbed me into a giant hug and thrust a letter of her own into my hands. You're never supposed to have a favorite but this girl went beyond that. When I first met her, I went to her softball games when I was asked to go and saw why she was always embarassed about them the next day. It had nothing to do with her ability, the girl could easily get a scholarship then, and today, she has one. The problem was that her mother was an alcoholic and would come to the games and do numerous things--heckle her daughter, pass out at the game, or cause some kind of scene. She was always asked kindly to leave and eventually, was banned from the games--which offered my charge a little relief.

After seeing this, I suggested that she consider living with her dad. Yes, it would be stricter there. Yes, she would have to live in the town over from all of her friends. However, she would have an adult who didn't have problems that were seeping in my charge's academic, social and athletic life. My charge and I spoke with counselors, and left the problem in the proper hands. I think this was probably the most important thing I've done with my life--help this girl. She became more of a little sister than a student. Because of this, I found a two page letter carefully tucked into an envelope with my name scrawled across the front. I've cried every time I've re-read it. This is some of what it said:

"Can you believe that after the past 3 years of knowing me, I'm not going to be around anymore!?! To tell you the truth, I'm scared. I really can't believe I'm not going to walk through the halls anymore. But the reason I'm writing this is because I just wanted to let you know how much you've affected my life over the past 3 years.

I really can't imagine not knowing you. I really think my high school career would have totally different if you weren't around. You've ALWAYS been there for me no matter what the circumstances. And you always gave me great advice on anything and everything; those are my favorite memories of getting to know you. I'm probably not going to remember _____, ______ and _______ ( a series of very boring books) but I will always remember what you've taught me about life. You are an amazing teacher and I'm so lucky to have had you for two years. However, you are an even better person. You listen, talk back and are just there as I work things out. You are so funny, you have one of the best hearts and are the most interesting person I have ever met.

We have had a special bond. I don't know why, or how but for some reason, you and I have just understood each other. You have been like the big sister I've never had. You have never treated me like a child, rather an adult and you have given me the respect of an adult. I respect you so much for that. You are such a strong person on the inside. I don't know if you realize it but everything you've been through and just to see how successful and happy you are now, all I can say is that you're awesome.

I cannot say thanks enough for all that you have given me, taught me and helped me with. I love you!

PS. I'll never forget the mirror you gave me two years ago after the girls gave me my "make-over" and I made it into the "crowd". It said, "Beautiful before the make- over". Thank you!

My heart is full.

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