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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
I remember exercise...
You know that you need to return to the gym immediately when, after 10 hours of playing wii, your shoulder is sore!! Ahem, not that that happened to me or anything...

All in all it was a pretty good holiday weekend. It was a nice balance of John working on the house, me getting to read my book, going out and eating as much grilled meat (of any variety) as I could cram into my face. Friday, we met up with some of John's friends from college...sadly, none of them could be coaxed into telling me embarassing college stories. That's the problem when your husband is a giant among men, other people fear talking about him *damn it all!*

We came home from the college friend reunion/happy hour and believe it or not, we were both feeling pretty intact. However, my reaction time must've been a little slow since the cat that I'm catsitting decided to make a break from Casa de Melina. The fat cat flew out the back door and under my porch. When I finally located where he was, I noticed a peculiar odor--SKUNK! But that cat would not come to me, no matter how much I coaxed, screamed and begged for it to come out (as I heard something hissing in the corner)!! Scared we were both going to get hosed down by a skunk, I grabbed for the cat as quickly as I could and scared the living daylights out of him--which of course, caused him to bite me repeatedly. No Jeff Corwin, I kept going, racing the cat into the house yelling, "Ow I'm bleeding! But I saved us both from the skunk." (Whether or not there was actually a skunk is almost a moot point). John rinsed me off and I whined about the bites all weekend, it too was a nice delicate balance.

Sunday was the day that will go down in history as the day, "Melina gets introduced to the Wii (and refuses to leave it alone for the rest of the evening)". Our friend Tony moved into his apartment and to help him celebrate this momentous occasion, we all agreed to go over, get drunk and play Wii all night. I've learned a few things about myself while playing Wii.
1. I'm a better bowler in real life.
2. I'm a sore loser (I already knew this).
3. I rock at wii tennis...and oddly enough, suck at real tennis.
4. When playing Wii baseball, don't stand near your husband as he "bats". I have a wii controller (wiitroller?) imprint on my forearm now from the sheer impact of our collision.
5. When you're married, everyone thinks that the most hilarious thing in the world is to see the married couple "box" (no actual physical contact). And it actually is hilarious when you knock your husband on his ass in the first round. It is not as hilarious when you get beat and your (cartoon) ass ends up on the mats.

But from all of this, I learned 6. I need a wii. And so...I busted out the credit card (that I haven't been using for months) and I bought one. AND I CAN'T EVEN WAIT UNTIL JUNE 4-6th!!!!

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