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Friday, June 08, 2007
Addictions and Dic...well, you know
1. It's amazing that I made it to work today. In the old days it might've been chalked up to staying out too late at bars or under strange men, but these days, a more mellower Melina has found an addiction far more time consuming and worrisome than booze and cock. This my friends,would be the Wii. As soon as I get home from work I turn the little wii on. I grab my wiimote and I begin to hone my skills, because let's be fair here...I'm a woman, I didn't spend my formative years in my dank bedroom jerking off and playing video games all the time--I need to get some kind of edge on John! (disclaimer- I don't really know if John spent his formative years doing the above things,however, I DO know that he spent quite a bit of time filming stop action movies featuring Godzilla and his own voice overs--I just needed to have that documented)
2. Having roommates has been putting a damper on our sex life lately. Because let's be honest, the place we have sex the most is not our bed (too mushy--perfect for sleep, not for sex) but our couch. Unfortunately for us, between not really getting any private couch time coupled with constant painting jobs and renovations to both our house and to ER's new place was making me a cranky lady. When there's a real penis in the house, the battery operated kind just doesn't cut it for me...because like any woman, I like what I can't have. Mr. Pink (my vibrator), never puts up a fight and is always available, thus, he bores me. John made up for our lack of couch "wrasling" in a big way last night. The man's true talent is foreplay. I'd marry him again if I could just for his mouth...and his personality, of course--his personality! He's not just a piece of a meat--he's my piece of meat. Hands off.

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