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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Quick Recap
Friday- Igot flagged from bar...2 mins after entering, and was sent home! Must've been the powerhour that John and I did before we went. John perfected his self portrait that night by taking a purple sharpie to our mirror and closing one of his eyes. Picture this (because I think I broke my camera), he looks like a sailor (he was wearing a sailor hat like on the Cracker Jack box), pirate (he drew himself an eye patch) cutie.

Saturday-Went out with John and his brother for a liquid lunch. Oooh boy! We came home and John decided he wanted to take a shower. Well...Drunk Girl (that's me) that I am, I decided to sneak upstairs and scare him. Little did I know he was soaping up his feet when I reached into the shower curtain and yelled "BOO!". He came crashing out of the shower and landed directly on top of me, pinning my arms to my sides. Because of this, I will be wearing a cardigan over my dress this weekend for Chelle's wedding...I have the most enormous bruises you can imagine on my fat arms. Uggh! They hurt! Sorry Pumpkin, didn't mean to almost kill you!

Sunday- My friend Chrissy, a bartender down at the FQB, decided to have a closed party complete with strippers. Maybe it was the excitement of strippers coming to the party (girls, not guys...because male strippers always look like Michael Bolton in a flag Speedo), maybe it was the fact that John's bro was joining us and he just moved back to Pennsylvania due to a failed relationship, or maybe because we kind of took it easy on St. Patrick's Day, we went ALL OUT! I couldn't even tell you how many Jagger Bombs, Tick Tacs, Car Bombs, shots of Jameson, or beers we had. I'm sure it was prolific. So prolific in fact that I couldn't pay our tab and had to rely on T to pay for it...don't worry, I'll pay her back this week!

And the rest of the missing posts?? Monday, Tuesday and still today I'm running around trying to catch up with all the things I neglected while I was drinking our paychecks away.

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