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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Bomb! and then a Love Bomb!
So at my place of business there was a bomb threat for tomorrow. I thought that was sweet of the bombist, he left a little graffiti in the men's bathroom stating that "Something might go boom on March 1st". Personally, I didn't take it as much as a threat as a statement saying that yes, somewhere, something may go boom! I jest because I can.

In the midst of calming people and explaining to nearly adult people that they cannot bring anything with them tomorrow I had a girl come up to me and whisper, "Can I bring my purse?" I repeated my spiel again about how no one should bring anything with them tomorrow. She whispered again, "Well, what if I bring it because I need it?" I said that her bag would probably be searched. She whispered to me again (the girl was a serious whisperer!), "But I have stuff in there that I don't want them to see!" I looked at her sternly and said, "Perhaps then tomorrow would be a good time to leave the contraband at home!" She beckoned me back down again so that she could cup my ear and whispered one final time. I stood back up with a smile on my face and told her again, "Just leave your bag at home and I'll take care of you". Tomorrow, I will have to bring extra tampons for my little friend. Cute, she wasn't phased at all that there could be a bomb exploding tomorrow, but she was totally phased that the male gym teacher might get a glimpse of her tampons!

Perhaps this is why I'm getting honored in April by five of my charges for my impact on their lives. They had the opportunity to nominate anyone who has influenced them over the past 12 years. By nominating me, it allows me to have dinner with these five fine people with the other nominees. I feel like I've been hugged a thousand times all at once. Because I'm a nosy busybody, I peeped at all the nominations--my eyes welled up when I read the reasons why these kids wanted me to be nominated. I had to put all the sheets back into the folder and run back to my room because by the time I was done reading them, I had tears streaming down my face. It feels really good to know that I'm good at this and that I'm needed, respected and perhaps (shucks) even loved by these kids.

PS. I tied for the most nominations with a 34 year veteran...I think I'm on the right track!

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