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Thursday, February 08, 2007
He could just be calling me crazy...
I tried to stay up to greet him when he came home from night class. First he missed his train, then he hit the bar and caught the next one. Who could blame him? He had been in the city since 8:30 in the morning for work and then he was stuck there until his 7:30 night class that didn't let out until 10. Typically, I see him around 11:30, but not last night. At 11:30, I couldn't fight the pull of my eyelids any longer and I fell asleep...slumbering I'm sure, like an angel and not like the log sawing menace that I'm often described as.

Twelve thirty rolls around and I'm awakened by lips kissing me. John was kneeling by my side of the bed and whispering to me, "Hey baby, I missed you." Still mostly asleep, I smiled into the darkness and said, "Yeah? I missed you too." And then he scampered downstairs and grabbed my trusty Mac powerbook and loaded his myspace page next to me. I was puzzled to say the least, then he started singing the Daniel Johnston song that he recently added to his page after seeing the documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston together the other day.

"I put this song on there because it reminds me of you" and then he began to sing in a hushed voice to me:

I love that girl so much
I can't get enough of her love, crazy love

She walks on down the street
Shufflin' with her feet
She walks in to the store
Boy I love that crazy girl
She brightens up my day
And everything about her is okay
I don't care what they say
I love that girl
I love her tender touch
And everything about her means so much
She's always on my mind
She's so nice and kind
I love that girl so long
I feel just like King Kong
Someday I'll find that girl
I love that girl, I love that girl so much I can't get enough of her crazy love.

I don't remember falling back to sleep but I'm sure I had still had a smile on my face.

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