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Monday, January 29, 2007
As I wrap the blanket tighter to ward off the chills which will in a few minutes switch over to waves of heat that will force me to rip the blanket away from my body and fan myself, I attempt to remember about the last time took care of me when I was sick, other than my mom or dad when I was younger...and I thought hard...and I realized that in fact, I've never had anyone play nursemaid for me other than John.

He's a wonderful nursey. He doesn't make fun of my raw face from countless blows into the plethora o' tissues. He doesn't even make fun of the sounds my nose makes either. This is quite a feat not to laugh at because the sound is a cross between an evil Canadian goose and an angry elephant. He forces liquids on me, and fizzes up my Alka-selzer. And then he searches the house for Nyquil for me so that he too, can get some rest.

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