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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
The post where I'm selfish...
My sister in law is pregnant! I'm happy for her. She got herself out of a decently long relationship and found romance very quickly, right around the bend. She has a boyfriend/fiance whom she seems to adore, and he seems to love her every bit as much. I'm a great champion of love. I used to be a great champion of lust, but I've learned that love is a bit more awesomer. Anyways, that's not the purpose of the post.

The embarassing truth is...

I wanted to have the first grandbaby...

Whew, I said it. So yeah, John and I aren't planning on having a baby anytime soon but I felt secure in the fact that we were married and that I was the old one and John was the oldest sibling that we'd have the first one.

When I heard the news I thought to myself crazily, "Perhaps we could just get pregnant right now and perhaps I'd have a preemie and we'd have babies at the same time!" (yes, a truly brilliant idea and work of deduction on my part that even Holmes would be proud of...or would possibly abhor). But alas my own private breed of craziness (which I'm sure is only being spurred on by turning dirty 30 (gag) ) was thwarted again by the revelation (courtesy of a phone call with my mother in law) that she's four and half months yeah, even I, the craziest of the crazed couldn't catch up with that, therefore I conceed that she wins the pregnancy race. I know! How absolutely gracious of me! (that's sarcasm...I realize that I'm a little shrew)

Oh well...maybe I can have the second baby in the family.
Or the third. really doesn't matter what order they come in does it?
Plus my mom pointed out that my baby will be the "chosen one" in our family because I'm an only child and my baby will be the only grandkid.

PS. Don't you feel bad for John for having to put up with me?? I know I do! Sorry for being a nutjob pookie!

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