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Saturday, January 06, 2007
Melina's boobs, Melina Naked, Melina +me=orgy

Ok...every single day I get just under a billion search hits (ok, about 100) for this woman. Apparently, she is Melina from the WWE. I've seen her boobs and I agree, they are worthy of searching for. However, just so you WWE fans know. I'm not her, my site has nothing to do with her, her nakedness, orgies with her and her boyfriend Johnny Nitro (I did my research this morning) and I never will.

PS. She does have a banging body but I can't stand her hair. C'mon have gorgeous hair...I like the multi-tonal streaks and whatnot, but do you have to have pageant hair? Isn't your job to kick ass and take names later (and by kick ass and take names later I believe I mean, isn't your job to titilate all the men who are watching your program and are probably subs and are hoping that you'll smash a chair over their heads while screaming that they are bad, bad boys??)?
From one Melina to another, I hope that you take my advice love.

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posted by Melina at 9:30 AM