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Friday, December 29, 2006
Foiled Again...
Last night John and I went out to dinner with John's brother, his girlfriend and their friends. It was John's first time at this very nice restaurant. It's a legendary place that as children our parents would make the trek without us because it was just too expensive. I remember one magical day (my 16th birthday) that my parents made reservations for me and pre-ordered me the Prime Rib...this prime rib is a's 32-40 ozs of meat on a plate!! I don't remember leaving the restaurant because I think I instantly fell into a food coma after chowing on one tenth of my meal. John faced down this beast for the first time last night.

He was not victorious. He was valiant in battle, he fought hard but in the end the "Old 96er" won out. In truth, we all won because there's a lot of delicious tender beef in our fridge. In fact, as I tried to drift back to sleep this morning as John was getting ready for work, I heard him reach into the fridge and attempt a little sneak attack on the meat.

On another note, we watched more of the family movies that his dad gave to him for Christmas. My new favorite highlights?? John being dumped from a go-cart by his brother...if I could put it up on Youtube I would...and you would all laugh until you cried. My close second favorite? John performing a rap with a friend about Morse Code on stage. These videos are a true Christmas miracle I tell ya. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

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