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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Giving Thanks...
I'm awfully thankful for having an awesome husband. It will soon become apparent why.

This was our weekend (In list form because I'm lazy):

Friday-'Drink, drink, drink your face off ' (sing to "Shake, shake shake senora...") was our theme. We hung out at home, we did some drinking, we did some twisting into human pretzels, we did some breaking of furniture while twisting into pretzels, we did some testing of new $140 purchase (Which I was a big fan of, and I wholeheartedly approve of John's purchase...after the fact) After consuming mass quantities of rum we went over to our friend Tony's house and then out on the town (by town I mean the tiny Cornfield in which we live). After that I was carted to an after party that I don't really remember. I hear that I was brought home and carried tenderly into the house. However, I tend to think that I was dragged toward the door and then told to walk or he'd beat me for being such a lush...that's just a guess though.

Saturday- I woke up slightly drunk--to head off a hangover, John handed me a Screwdriver made with leftover Everclear--hmm, I love him because he gives me grain alcohol at 11:30 in the morning. Inevitably, hormones and boozed caused something "amazing" to happen...I started to cry because I'm a big baby and I missed my daddy--particularly because we always had such fun Thanksgivings. Then I received some bad news (while still drunk) on the phone and bawled some more. Unable to articulate my sorrow to John without hic-cupping, sobbing and wailing (then apologizing for being a "freak about everything"), John did the only sane thing that a man in his position could--he went out and bought vodka and wine which we sipped all day laughing, watching tv, and just have a leisurely good time. He cooked me an awesome dinner (the first of two), and made me a fort and called it Fort Leisure (which we slept in for the rest of the weekend). We went out to get a movie but when we came back...I had some of the most amazing sex ever--so good that the old lady that I am, hurt her hip/back from attempting to be all bendy like (Again!)...John can stay, it's decided.

Sunday--More maxin' and relaxin' in Fort Leisure where Leisure Wife (that's me), Leisure Dog and Leisure Spouse hung out all day watching football, rolling around laughing, John not laughing at any of my jokes!! Ever!! I took a nice two hour nap and when I awoke, there was a fantastic dinner in front of me! We found out on Sunday that our family Thanksgiving dinner that was supposed to be John, myself, my mom, her boyfriend, John's dad, John's mom, John's sister and her boyfriend has grown about more four people...apparently John's sister's boyfriend has four kids. Don't get me wrong, I like kids, but I don't know if I like one room, on Thanksgiving (Speaking of kids, in my drunken state on Friday, I made John map out for me when I can have a baby because I'm feeling old...due to the fact that I will be 3-fucking-0 in less than four months...ick. Oprah has me scared since my fertility has been nosediving since 27--I never watch that stupid show, why'd I catch that one? I'm not really in a rush other than that).

So that's it in a nutshell. This Thanksgiving I'm going to give thanks for my awesome leisurely weekend, and laying around with the most fun person in the world. It was nice being pampered, in craziness, in drunkeness and in health.

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